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Shortsighted haters and stage 5 clingers in Ethiopian politics


By Henok Gebremichael
Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, December 3, 2015

This country of ours i.e. Ethiopia; has a lot going for her in so many fronts despite the enormous challenges still ahead of her. In the area of development, IMF and World Bank resoundingly projected that Ethiopia will become a middle income country in just 10 years! The train lines, the mega dams, the roads, the industries and many others point to a better tomorrow for the once land of sorrow.  Despite all the uplifting news the lack of good governance and rampant corruption still remains to be EPRDF'S Achilles heel. The fact that admitting the problem as the main source of grievance among the populace hints the government's intention to addressing it, as to how serious the EPRDF is, remains to be seen.


Another humongous challenge definitely would be tackling the El Nino driven drought that could not have been prevented. Instead what will define the government is its action or inaction in coordinating  all the necessary resources to get to the needy and save lives. Politics should be at the back burner!!

As in the area of politics, diplomacy, intelligence and military this government has scored significant achievement that made all Ethiopians proud.

Issais Afwerki is downgraded from threat to just annoyance. He is effectively declawed, neutered, on denture and eventually on palliative care. If ever there is going to a military situation with Issaias, it will be more of an invasion on Ethiopia's part rather than a war. The balance of power on the ground dictates that. America did not go to war with Afghanistan. It just invaded it so will Ethiopia if the situation arises. This is not empty bravado. It's a fact.

The fate of Wed Afom remains at the whim of PMHD. He calls the tune to make him dance even Twerk! What a difference 24 years makes! When PMHD talks about foot print of some sort, he is talking about the carbon type. Whereas Wedi Afom is engaged in a foot prints of another sort i.e. of the Sawa boys crossing into Sudan or Ethiopia! PMHD feels at home when he seats with the G7. Wed Afom has got G7 of his own in Ginbot 7! This is downward spiral of epic proportions. In the fight against terror, Ethiopia's dogged intelligence and smoove (smooth) diplomacy netted and muzzled Andy Tsige for good. The god father of Ginbot 7 now seats in jail. I wonder if they have salad tossing or soap dropping in Ethiopian prison :)

The so called opposition in and outside of Ethiopia are also another curse that is engaged in hate and grudge. Have you watched the coalition of derguistes and plain hateful personalities of yester year on Esat TV? These are people who are married to hate and lost their mind in the process. I guess Millennials have the perfect lingo for these type of people. People who would not let go when they get the cold shoulder from their partners. They are overly attached and emotionally fragile. They got a name for them: Stage 5 clingers!

The derguites, ginbot 7s, semayawi partiers and others have something in common. They have cling to hate and no amount of intervention will separate them from it. Itz been a while since their common sense took a leave of absence. Who thought the butcher Kassa kebede would seat across the very generation he tortured and killed! The irony is that he never apologized for his crime nor did the audience have the testicular fortitude to ask him for one. You know why? Their hate got a big tent to bring them all in!


So one may ask: what the future holds for Ethiopia? As long as the so called oppositions March with the same modes operandi of lunacy, mark my word Ethiopia will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of TPLF and 44th Anniversary of EPRDF at the helm. This ain't a wild prediction for a keen observer of Ethiopian politics. If I were a sane opponent of this government, I would take a page or two out of the Woyane's resiliency, determination, and clarity of purpose and mastery of politics to build a better alternative choice to the Ethiopian people. On the other hand if you stuck to your tried and failed same old plain hate politics, you ain't gonna be ready for prime time guaranteed! What are the chances of you the haters claiming the top job in Ethiopia? Zero! You know why? Have you ever read any headline news stating “A guilty by stander got shot!" Or a news report on a "drug deal gone right" ? Never!!

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