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Riyadh’s Crud Reality

By Wahab Al Negashi
Tigrai Online, November 22, 2013


Oh Riyadh!
Have you gone mad?
Lost your moral compass, your mind?


Oh Medina!
Why have thou unleashed
Wild lynch mobs in multitude
At peaceful migrants working for their daily bread
Under poor conditions for a menial pay
Suffering abuse and labouring precariously
With a threat of deportation and a revoked salary
An unfortunate and callous daily reality
Forced to acquiesce to discrimination and inequality
Exploitation, maltreatment and inferiority
To stay at the back of the bus, in the background
In an African migrant’s designated dune, a mound
Subject to the whims of an accidental overlord
A reality of the crud
In the desolate ground


Oh Riyadh!
The veil of old
Is now cracked
Offering a sneak peek in full HD
Of your transgressions in landscape and portrait
A reality of existence in the belly of your beast
An exacting verity where even the most vulnerable child of a migrant
Though born and raised in your midst
Is considered an alien with a “black heart”
A threat, an undesirable guest


Open your eyes, Oh Riyadh!
Oh Medina, open your eyes
Remove your blinders
Hold your horses


What have you done to the migrants?
The shepherds looking after your lot
 The Africans who looked to Mecca for import
To find purpose; their life story’s setting and plot
Only to become the scape goat
Of an unruly mob that campaigned to hunt
Brutalize, disposes and humiliate


Oh Medina!
Observe the panoramic view of the crud
Reality on the ground
For what goes around
Is bound
To come around
Karma, you should avoid


Oh Riyadh!
Oh Medina!
This unfortunate
Fateful moment
Should be a time for atonement
For culling policy excesses and maltreatment
For making whole, for doing right
By the wronged, the migrant
A relation of the “Muhajirun” long lost
 A “Sahib” of the prophet (PBUH)
A faithful descendant
Of Al Negashi
A Righteous Emperor, a Habeshi

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