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What Tigray Development Association -TDA did from last year 2021 to date

By Mulugeta Belay - TDA
Tigrai Online 12/30/2022

Following socioeconomic and humanitarian catastrophes unfolding in Tigrai due the brutal war and siege, TDA, with the continued support of TDA chapters, Tegaru Diaspora and friends has been able to distribute cash assistance to the war-affected people on top of caring of children and mothers, establishing child friendly spaces for children in IDPs centers, provision of food and NFIs.

Above all, the financial assistance is one of the enormous projects which we believe was very helpful in terms of addressing the physiological and medical needs of our people.

‘One Diaspora to One Family’ humanitarian aid project is the one TDA devised during the difficult times to help diaspora Tegaru reach their families and friends in dire need of manifold humanitarian supports. Through the project, 6,188 diaspora Tegaru managed to send a donation of 332,400,612 ETB that was distributed to 20 thousand households.

By utilizing similar mechanism, TDA also facilitated for 43 NGOs to collect a donation of 38,459,734 ETB sent from their respective donors and managed to provide assistance to their respective target beneficiaries.


With the continued financial donation of 7,461,821 ETB from TDA Chapters and Tegaru and friends in diaspora, TDA has also tried to ease the physiological and medical problems of 4,324 households. To sum up, TDA has thus far distributed a total of 378,322,167 ETB to 24,324 households.

With all your assistance and solidarity, TDA carries on doing a great humanitarian job; therefore, we call on all diaspora Tegaru, chapters and friends to step up your assistance as hundreds of thousands are still waiting for it. Thank you!

What Tigray Development Association -TDA did from last year 2021 to date

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