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TDA distributed nearly half a million birr to most war affected people of Tigray in Mekelle

Mulugeta Belay - TDA
Tigrai Online 12/15/2022


Tigrai Development Association has organized carnival today in support of the peace accord signed between the GoE and GoT

TDA distributed 482,000 Etb cash assistance, donated from TDA German Chapter and Mebrat Children's Foundation (MCF) Canada, to most war affected sections of people of Tigray.

The target beneficiaries were 43 federal government employees (86, 000 ETB), 170 HIV positive women and men (170,000 ETB), 6 chronically sick people (6,000 ETB), Keradion Elders Support Association (120,000 ETB) & Lola Children’s Home (100,000 ETB).

During the hand over, Dr. Tesfahunegne Hailemariam, TDA deputy executive director, made an opening remark in that he expressed his deepest appreciation to the donors TDA German Chapter and MCF Genet for their generosity and gave words of encouragement to the beneficiaries that everything's going to be ok.

Beneficiaries, on their part, passed their heart-felt thanks to the donors and TDA for its facilitation as well.

Meanwhile, both Dr. Tesfahun Hailemariam and beneficiaries asked all diaspora community to carry on with their similar support as there are thousands more people in need of similar assistance.

ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ከባቢ ፍርቂ ሚልየን ብር ዝኸውን ሓገዝ ገንዘብ ንፅጉማት ክፋላት ማሕበረሰብ ኣከፋፊላ

ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ካብ ማልት ጨንፈር ጀርመንን ወነንቲ መብራት ቺልድረን ፋውንዴሽንን ኣብ ካናዳ 
ዝተልኣኸ 482,000 ብር ሓገዝ ገንዘብ ንፅጉማት ክፋላት ማሕበረሰብ ማለት’ውን 43 ሰራሕተኛታት ፌዴራል ኣብያተ ዕዮ (86,000 ብር)፣170 ኤችኣይቪ ሕሙማት (170,000 ብር)፣ 6 ዝተፈላለየ ሕማም ዘለዎም ሰባት (6,000 ብር)፣ ማእኸል መሐብሐቢ ኣረጋውያን ከራድዮን (120,000 ብር) ገዛ ህፃውንቲ ሎላን (100,000 ብር) ኣረኪባ።

ኣብ እዋን ርክክብ ምክትል ፈፃሚ ዳይሬክተር ማልት ዶ/ር ተስፋሁነኝ ሃ/ማርያም ተረኺቦም ኣብ ዘስምዕዎ መኽፈቲ ሓፂር መደረ ሓገዝ ንዝገበሩ ማልት ጨንፈር ጀርመንን ኤምሲኤፍ 
ገነትን ዘመስገኑ እንትኾኑ ንተሓገዝቲ ወገናት’ውን ብምብርትታዕ ተስፋ ንክስንቑ ገይሮም።

እቶም ተጠቀምቲ ብወገኖም ዋና ቤት ፅሕፈት ማሕበር ልምዓት ትግራይ ሓዊሱ ካልኦት ሓገዝ ንዝገበሩ ወገናት 
ዝተሰመዖም ናእዳ ገሊፆም። 

ብተወሳኺ ዶ/ር ተስፋሁነኝ ሃ/ማርያምን ተጠቀምቲ ወገናትን ከምዝበልዎ ሕዚ’ውን ብኣሽሓት ዝቑፀሩ ወገናት ኣብ ከቢድ ማሕበረ-ቁጠባዊ ፀገም ስለዝርከብ ኣብ ዲያስፖራ ዘሎ ህዝብና ሓገዙ ኣጠናኺሩ ክቕፅል ፀዊዖም። 



TDA distributed nearly half a million birr to most war affected people of Tigray in Mekelle

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