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Professor Tecola Hagos, Stop your vitriol and flip-flop

By M. Gettaw
Tigrai Online Addis Ababa, August 24, 2018


As a political junky, I have read several articles written by Tecola Hagos over the years. One common thread that I observed in many of his articles is the bashing of Meles Zenawi – both personal and political. I am fine with the political bashing but can’t wrap my head around the personal attacks. Especially, in his recent articles where Tecola is flip-flopping on the current state of affairs in Ethiopia, he continued his same attacks on Meles Zenawi including on his latest article posted in Aiga while many Ethiopians are commemorating the 6th anniversary of the death of their hero Meles Zenawi. I am writing this to request Tecola to stop because it is beneath his dignity to personally attack one of the best minds and the best leader Ethiopia has ever had – Meles Zenawi!

I have made some efforts to come up with any good reasoning why Tecola Hagos in his every utterance has to make personal and political attacks on Meles Zenawi (even after his death). However, I couldn’t find one except the common accusation Meles’s detractors say that’ he didn’t work for the interest of Ethiopia even some say he is not Ethiopian’. According to Tecola’s recent article, ‘Meles was the worst leader with mean spirit and reptilian viciousness’. It is inconceivable a person who has the level of education and the level of exposure to modern life Tecola has would go this low to describe Meles. It is offensive and beneath his dignity. This shows Tecola’s disregard to the Millions of people who admired and benefited from the work of the late PM Meles. Meles Zenawi spent his entire life in public service paying the ultimate sacrifice for the people he loved dearly. This also shows his disregard to the family of Meles, especially his kids. Despite my disagreements on some political and leadership issues with Meles, I can’t fathom to think of him as anything that Tecola says he is. My guess is that during Tecola’s brief stay working for the government of Ethiopia, Meles must have really wounded his ego. I couldn’t see any other good reason for Tecola to go this low to attack a man who is not alive to defend himself.

I would like to hear a brief response from Tecola to the following three questions:


  1. Can Tecola show us any statement that has been made about his professional or personal life that can be compared to anything that has been written or said about Meles? Any statement (from colleague or family member) thing let alone from world leaders and Nobel Prize winners?
  2. Can Tecola tell us any sacrifices that he has made for the country he says he loves infinitely? I don’t understand why he thinks he loves his country but Meles Zenawi who gave all his life to the service of Ethiopia and Ethiopians didn’t! Such cynicisms is beyond me. I can only attribute it to envy and wounded ego.
  3. Can Tecola enlighten us why he is flip-flopping on what is currently going on in Ethiopia? He has been all over the map from praising the new PM to asking the Ethiopian military to take action against the PM. I can only attribute this to his hastiness and lack of critical reading of current conditions which is unlike the Meles Zenawi that we all know who would stand in front of his detractors and give amicable responses even to very challenging questions.

Note: I would like to make clear that I neither personally know nor have met Prof Tecola Hagos. This reflection is based on my reading of what he has written for several years including his own blogs in TecolaHagos.com.