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Ten Ideas Expected From the Ethiopian Government

By Tibebe Solomon
Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, January 27, 2015

Ten Ideas Expected From the Ethiopian Government


As Ethiopia is coming out of poverty, there are considerable new positive changes that are observed in the composition of its population.  The emergence of Ethiopian tourist in the world, the appearance of merchants doing business in Europe, middle east, Asia and America, the chance for many Ethiopians to buy houses, cars, and build small business, the ability of new population groups to find a job in the country, the improved communications, transportations, and technology services and many more.

Amidst the uplift from the ashes arise other deterring changes.   These are new negative changes.   Very angry citizens for whom no change came yet are created.  These part of the population complain on the government more of as a result of the progress other families are enjoying.  Those who are aligned with the effort of the government tend to be more and more selfish considering their mere success at all expenses.   They seem to have no concern for the existence of the government.  They are indulged in corruption, bribery and bad governance. 

The part of the population that greatly changed, improved, progressed and advanced seem to exert unproportioned challenges on the government asking for freedom of speech, changes of policies and power share.  Some of these groups of the population are also frightening the government to snatch its power by means of force.

Amidst the new positive and negative changes in the country as a result of a strong economic development, the government is overwhelmed by contrasts.  It has as many supporters as opposers, as many helpers as detractors, as many friends as enemies, as many hard workers as thieves, as many dedicated as carelesses, as many problems as solutions.

Of all the new negative changes in the country, the most that should concern the government is the prevailing corruption and bad governance.   It has almost got to the point where a very significant number of Ethiopians have been sick and tired of raising their voices to concerned authorities.

At this point, the Ethiopian government and people very well know that this is the case.  The government is working on solutions and the people are waiting for results.  In the meantime, it should be noted that the government is the underdog and should address it in a timely manner before corruption and bad governance aggravates to out of hand scenario in the country.  Here are some suggestions that EPDRF as a government should directly or indirectly take to alleviate the pressure on its shoulders.  Its success might be weighted on these points. 

  1. Punish those in fraud, illegal activities and corruption by impacting their personal economy and reducing their citizen privileges but not by jail unless necessary when proven guilty.  Concentrate more on rumored organizations such as Gumuruk and Kifle ketemas.  Those who are proven guilty should be denied any exit out of the country.

  2. Design a unquestionable system where citizens, organizations, businesses can easily report fraud, injustice, and illegal activities as their responsibility in their premises.  Organize government intelligence bodies to monitor fraud, injustice and illegal activities everywhere.

  3. Ask for legal income verification when any person in the country wants to own houses, possesses any business and makes large purchases.  If no legal income source, confiscate.

  4. Give land for all who can finish building their houses in two years time everywhere land is available.  Verify before registering.  Allow many local businesses in the real state.
  5. Clear water and electricity services from any form of corruption.  Avoid human errors in the distribution of these services.  Try the best to maintain reliable services.

  6. Prevent illegal exports of the countries resources and currency by land or air.  Tackle rumors on this subject

  7. Allow all business propositions when the investment is 100 % from the applicant unless it violates the people’s culture or way of life.

  8. Allow and make sure all regional states residents exercise their democratic rights to reject those leaders who do nothing to avoid corruption or bad governance even when the leaders are not directly involved in the corruption or bad governance themselves.  EPDRF also should fire those leaders of its party members who have created people’s dissatisfaction.

  9. Start an accurate and centralized data base of personal history for all citizens that records birthplace, address, major life events such as educational status, marriage status, criminal history, carrier, work place, in the country or out of the country, property owned, and death date so it is easier for government to manage its population.

  10. Take extra caution so that the fight for no corruption and good governance do not lead to a new political turmoil. 


Yekermo sew yibelen!


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