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ReliefWeb reports over 30 thousand Tigraians displaced
The Ethiopian federal and the Tigrai state governments are hiding
the number of Tigraians displaced every month from the rest of Ethiopia

ReliefWeb reports over 30 thousand Tigraians displaced in March/April 2018

Tigrai Online, May 17, 2018


Ethiopia: Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Tigray Region, Round 10: March/April 2018 - Summary of Key Findings


LOCATION AND CAUSE OF DISPLACEMENT: 30,112 displaced individuals comprising 10,892 households in 78 displacement sites were identified in TIGRAY region. These figures represent an increase of 7,624 in the total individuals (+33.90%) an increase of 2,951 households (+37.16%) and 18 sites (+30.00%) since round 9 (January/February 2018). 73% sites opened before 2017, 10% sites opened in 2017 and 17% opened in 2018. Conflict was the primary cause of displacement for an estimated 95% of the displaced population.

DEMOGRAPHICS: 45% of displaced individuals were female and 55% were male. 47% were younger than 18 years old. 4% were over 60 years old.


8510 of the total displaced are internally displaced from the state the report indicates.


Tigrai Online shared a video about a week ago to show how the riffraff of Dergi and mortal enemies of the people of Tigrai are working day and night to isolate, blackmail, to portray as villains, and expose them for attacks.  The enemies of Tigrai are still hiding in all sectors of society including in the government and media outlets like the useless EBC.

The authorities of Tigrai for some twisted logic think the best way to deal with riffraff of Dergi is to appease them by compromising on the core principles of Tigraian people interest exposing us to more harmful mischief from our enemies. One of the prime examples of the appeasing policy of TPLF is dismantling the TPLF military force even in Tigrai, minimizing the heroic sacrifice of the TPLF fighters in particular and the people of Tigrai in general, downplaying the extent of destruction inflicted on the people of Tigrai and state of Tigrai by the previous Amhara regimes, and hiding or understating the uprooting of civilian Tigraians from Amhara regions.

Fortunately the truth can’t hidden forever in the age of information therefore, organization like the Relief Web compile and report information about how many civilian Tigraians have been displaced from the rest of Ethiopia in the past two years. As it can be seen in the report by ReliefWeb for the period of March/April 2018 nearly 31 thousand civilian Tigraians have been displaced from the rest of Ethiopia and the report clearly says the main reason for this people is Conflict.

The question now is why is the Ethiopian government hiding this information from the world and from the Ethiopian people? While the Amhara extremist groups inside the country and in Diaspora are waging full scale poisonous propaganda against the people of Tigrai, the Tigrai state government and the federal government are trying to appease them.

Every month thousands of civilians Tigraians are displaced from Amhara and Oromo regional states and they are spread around in many camps in Tigrai because the state government does not want them to be noticed. If local people see hundreds of thousands of displaced compatriots they will start asking questions what happened to them and the truth will come out. The truth is thousands of Tigraians are being intimidated and forcibly displaced from their houses in Ethiopia.



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