Astounding recovery and healing of Tigrai State Forests
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Astounding recovery and healing of Tigrai State Forests

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, Sept. Oct. 21, 2016

The bitter seventeen year long war of libration by the people of Tigrai cost them 65 thousand young Tigraians and thousands more fighters become disable. On top of that incalculable cost in the destruction of people’s lives was sustained by the people. Millions of Tigraians were displaced by force to dislocate to other parts of the country.

The land of Tigrai was also devastated by millions ofAircraft ordnance dropped by the Ethiopian air force. The weapons didn’t only kill people they also scorched the earth killing all animals and plants. Vast grasslands and forest of Tigrai was turned in to desert. The wild life was forced to the remote corners of the jungles of the state.

The Tigrai People Libration Front – TPLF even in the time of struggle did a remarkable work protecting the forests and wild animals by adapting laws that prohibit hunting wild animals, cutting trees, and other harmful traditional way of doing things. Most of all the TPLF created awareness on the people about the importance of protecting nature.

Kafta Sheraro National Park Tigrai, Ethiopa

Twenty five years after the end of the armed struggle the recovery of the natural beauty of Tigrai is astounding. The wild animals are coming back including elephants because their natural habitat is coming back in a remarkable speed even much better than ever before.

The above video is only a one section of the vast Kafta Sheraro National Park in Western Tigrai. We would like to say kudos to Tigrai TV for the real work of journalism.


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