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Beautiful people, land of milk and honey

By Esayas Y Gebrekidan
Tigrai Onlne - June 03, 2014

General Hayelom Araya

Beautiful people, land of milk and honey,
ሕዉነት and ፍቅሪ is valued there more than money.

Peaceful like dove, fierce like Tiger they are,
An entire nation they led to ሓርነት like a north star.

If you take their generosity for weakness and try to put in their hands chain,
To a nightmare you will wake up and your fate will not be the same again.

Derg began oppressing the people forty years ago,
17 years later the leader fled, the army melted like snow.

They torched the torch of freedom, they began the fire,
That finally LIGHTED the entire country and satisfied everybody’s desire.

The people are called Tegaru and their land Tigray,
Provoke them not or your fate would be to cry or die.

( Esayas Y Gebrekidan May 30th of 2014….To all the martyrs who paid the ultimate measure of love and devotion: their life…..May all your souls rest peacefully in heaven🌼🌼🌼)

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