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Tigrai people showing more atience towards other Ethiopians

We will not compromise with our identity and our land!

Tolerance and patience have not produced any positive results for Tigrai people

By Mulualem BK
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, April 6, 2016


TOL, the idea you are initiating is timely and it is a wakeup call for us Tigreans to get organized and respond not only for the sake of truth but, and also for the sake of defending our existence from extinction: through which our shinning history, culture, language and the ancient legacies of our forefathers is expressed with.

We have been patient for long now but the remnants of the Neftegnas/chauvinists are relentlessly continuing to defame and attack the people of Tigrai as usual as ever. This time, we, the sons and daughters of the heroic people of Tigrai have to react for we have arrived at the point where we could not tolerate it - oromai, we are now at the dead end. Sometimes, when decency goes beyond its limits, such as in our situations, it results in dire consequences.

All our efforts of tolerance and patience have not produced any positive results save for to the contrary. Rather, our adversaries are emboldened to go across the red lines - singled out the people of Tigrai and its child the TPLF as enemies, and are waging rampant campaign of blackmailing against the people of Tigrai.

Their anti Tigrai propaganda has become a day to day campaign work. This is not a mere exaggeration - It is fact. One can see and prove for himself/herself all the corrosive anti people propaganda and other evil campaigns targeted at the people of Tigrai by the notorious media, for example: the VOA; ESAT; the local extreme opposition radios/TVs and including the extreme social media in the West.

This has to be challenged and stopped. We have to wake up and say enough is enough. Our concerted effort is to defend our shinning history, culture, language and the legacies we inherited from our forefathers. Our intent is not to abuse the rights of other brotherly people of Ethiopia but rather to work together for the common cause of mutual respect as Ethiopians in unity and diversity. Hence our concerted effort is to safe guard the great constitution of Ethiopia against the evil jackals of chauvinism.

Our efforts of defense should have two prongs:

one, based on hard facts, the true history, culture and language of Tigrai (in contrast to our adversaries') should be researched, written, disseminated, and reach the mass people of Tigrai and the oppressed nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

Second, the past history of Ethiopia was written by the elites of the Shoan pseudo historians; and based on hard facts, it has to be exposed and proved wrong as it is based on a fabricated lie. Our concerted lines of defense and offense should at the end of the day liberate the people of Tigrai and including all peoples of Ethiopia from the offensive history perpetrated by pseudo historians to dominate the history and culture of the rest of the people of Ethiopia.

Our decency and tolerance should not be taken for granted by chauvinists - we have to act now.

Note from TOL Admins:

This small article was posted on Tigrai Online Facebook Page by one of our followers. We thought the article deals with very important timely issues so, we decided to share it with you and see what your thoughts are about it’s content. After 25 years of democratic government some forces of the old regimes are still alive and kicking. The sad truth is these destructive forces were laying and waiting for the right time to get to the saddle of power by any means. The riffraff of the past evil forces consider the people of Tigrai as a huge stumbling block to their quest for power and they are attacking them from every corner.  It is about time for all of us to speak up and take practical actions to protect our people and land.

Building united strong and prosperous Ethiopia is not responsibility of the Tigrai people only. It is the responsibility of every Ethiopian singling out and attacking the Tigrai people will result in a dangerous situation for Ethiopia.


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