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The people of Tigrai have a God given right to defend themselves

Tigrai Online, updated Jan. 31, 2018

For the past three years until now the Tigraians residing in Amhara regional state have been directly and in directly targeted by certain groups who are hell bent to overthrow the EPRDF government. These groups are in the regional government, in all the society, in the federal government, and in the Diaspora.

The ultimate goal of these sinister groups is to snatch power by any means necessary. The leaders of the groups know very well they can’t fight a protracted war against the current government in Ethioipia and win. Their best option is to use alternative means. In order to achieve the above stated goal without setting foot in the land of Ethiopia or shedding a single drop of blood is to plunge the whole country in to civil war. If they are going to be successful in bringing down the Ethiopian government they have to fabricate lies to create a boogeyman. That boogeyman is the people of Tigrai that needs to be isolated and harassed. Since 2016 until this moment the cowards who would not face the people of Tigrai in a battle field have been waging a systematic war against unarmed civilians from Tigrai living in Amhara regional state.

Nearly 11, 000 Tigraians have been deported from Amhara regional state in 2017. 82 Tigraians have lost their lives in the region’s towns. Thousands of business owned by Tigrains including big hotels and restaurants were burned, looted and confiscated. The government did absolutely nothing about the crimes that took place in broad day light in front of the police and security forces.

The lame excuse for targeting Tigraians is the absurd and twisted logic that TPLF is the pillar of EPRDF and support of the people in Tigrai is crucial in maintaining the EPRDF government. Then like it was declared by ESAT-TV last year (dry the water to kill the fish) in this case the water is Tigrai and the fish TPLF.

Emboldened by appeasement they got from the Ethiopian government they spread to the Oromo region repeated what they did in Gonder, Shaifa, Metma, Bahrdar and other towns. Fast forward to 2018 look what is happening in Woldeya, Qobbo, Mersa and other towns where hundreds of TPLF fighters died to liberate the communities from the fascist Dergi, now an Ethnic cleansing of Tigraians is going on. Not a single person from all levels of the governments would say anything about what is happening to Tigraians in Amhara region because it will show the miserable failure of the federal government, the Amhara regional government and the Tigrai state government.

The people of Tigrai are not and will not be a sacrificial lamb for Ethiopia, for EPRDF or any entity. If the governments are not willing to defend the defenseless civilians, they Tigrai people have a God given right to defend themselves. The time to blame Tigraians for every ill and mistreatment in Ethiopia is over. The deep renewal every other year is not producing tangible practical results especially to the people of Tigrai.

The new buzz word in the World Wide Web is the Amhara and Oromo will absolute harmony if Tigrai secede from Ethiopia. First of all if the people of Tigrai want to secede, it will be on their own time and terms not because some weakling imbecile wanted to do so. Second be careful what you wish for.