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Ethiopia: Is President of the Federal Supreme Court thirsty of Tigray people’s blood?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online , August 6, 2019

Meaza Ashenafi President of the Federal Supreme Court smiling

Is Meaza Ashenafi President of the Federal Supreme Court and her boss Abiy Ahmed certain to start war against the people of Tigrai?


The President of the Ethiopian Federal Supreme Court’s depth of ignorance and her poor judgment has no bounds. It is shameful for all Ethiopians’ to see such ill-mannered women with limitless ignorance in the 21st century as the President of the Ethiopian Federal Supreme Court.

Meaza Ashenafi and the Abiy team members are 100 years behind from the common evolutionary process of human political history. They lack the modern and progressive political ability to lead Ethiopia forward. For decades their political narration had been about past history only. Now they are using very contradictory narrations of the politics of slavery in the 19th century in America during President Eisenhower’s period.

Unlike Meaza Ashenafi’s assertions, President Eisenhower did not invade Arkansas. President Eisenhower, who ruled USA from 1953 – 1961, had ordered USA federal troops to Arkansas state to protect the violence against minority blacks. He worked for the rights of the minority blacks to be treated equally as any other people.

 Contrary to Meaza Ashenafi’s explanation, President Eisenhower’s protection of minority people from violence exactly fits to the violence in the Amhara regional state against the Minority Agaw people, the qemant people and the 2nd or 3rd majority Tigrayans. It is to the Amhara regional state where federal troops were supposed to be ordered to free the Ethiopian federal roads that are blocked by her Amhara Democratic Party leaders (ADP). It is hard to believe for anyone in the 21st century who has a sound mind to see leaders of a country blocking federal roads illegally. I always ask myself whether there is a 21st century government in Ethiopia or not.

I think, Meaza Ashenafi is playing a political game to divert Ethiopian people’s attention and conceal the truth about the investigations of the murder of the Ethiopian Military chief of Staff, General Seare Mekonnen and Gezae Aberra. If this is not the case, how is then the Un-colonized nation Ethiopia going to use the Second World War era laws of Slavery as good example for Ethiopia? There is zero correlation between 18th and 19th century slavery and anti-slavery civil wars in the USA with the 21st century Ethiopian politics.


  1. Ethiopia from Joseph Stalin’s idea to the 19th century idea of slavery

In the late 1960’s Ethiopian leaders had no political agenda of their own; they were directly duplicating the outdated 19th century Joseph Stalin’s plans, including the detested action of ‘the RED-TERROR” against their own citizens. In similar fashion, the new savage is trying to duplicate in Ethiopia the idea of the 19th century politics of the abolished slavery in the United States.

Meaza Ashenafi wants to use the old three slogans of the inner Party in the 19th century as her own party’s basic guiding principles War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.”  That is why; today the Team Abiy’s boundless ignorance has become the strength for others.

Contrary to Meaza Ashenafi’s role as the President of the Federal Supreme Court, she has abused her federal government’s authority. She has suggested the Ethiopian Military force that protects the Ethiopian constitution to fight the constitution. In short, she tried to become the commander in chief of the Ethiopian Military force. She had imaged Ethiopia and our children and brothers in the Military force as the slaves and servants of her evil inner motives.

  1. Abiy Ahmed is part of the problem:

 The new team leader that we trusted, supported and groomed him to sit in the chariot of leadership to lead Ethiopia without bias, had betrayed the people. The new team became a re-modified dictator who works day and night to subdue the people of Tigray. The team Abiy Ahmed had devised every evil against Tigray.

Abiy appointed an ignorant woman who is even ineligible to become Hotel waitress to the president of the Ethiopian federal Supreme Court. She is now whistling trumpets of war and wars of aggressions irresponsibly against the peace loving people of Tigray without any ramifications.

At the federal government everybody is abusing the people’s power for their own evil hateful motives. From the untrustworthy and an incompetent prime Minister, no disciplinary measures are expected against her crimes. But, every Tigrayan must be ready anytime, everywhere to defend and defeat all the enemies of the people of Tigray.


  1. Meaza Ashenafi versus Tigray people:

 Meaza thinks and lives in the 19 century and Tigray thinks and lives in the 21st century. The people of Tigray had defended Tigray-Ethiopia for thousands of years. They are still fully capable to do so under any circumstances

The Tigray people and government must make sure that any action taken by every individual enemy of Tigray at the federal level or state level will have its consequences. Such evil actions must be denounced and measures should be taken. Ethiopia can only exist if and only if there is a responsible government that respects its citizens. There should not be any compromise and gambling with the evil political prostitutes. Patience is acceptable but every enemy must be made to think twice; for every action there is a tenfold reaction.

Eternal glory to the formidable 1st Woyane, 2nd  Woyane, 3rd woyane, Baytona Tigray and the proud people of Tigray.

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