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Tigrai School teachers are seriously at risk

By Mulugeta Belay
Tigrai Online April 6, 2022

The situation in Tigrai has been so dire and so concerning in a sense that the life of every Tigraway is totally at risk. Many people, irrespective of age, sex, educational status, living standard, and so on, are dying away. Life is extremely as miserable and unbearable in every part of Tigrai as any human being cannot imagine.


It is terribly sad to hear shocking reports of school teachers often falling down to the ground amidst of teaching before their students as the result of hunger they always are experiencing. Since the deliberate imposition of brutal siege over Tigrai and its people, government employees in general and teachers and their families in particular have been going through a great ordeal. Never have teachers and other employees received salary and thus can’t buy food and other necessities that are helpful for their survival. Every passing day for them is a day of anguish. They are starving to collapse and eventually to death.

It’s to be recollected that the government of Tigrai had announced the launching of schools in various parts of Tigrai where safety and security is relatively good. Subsequentially, schools started receiving children albeit the worst circumstances therein.

However, the latest report the Tigrai Bureau of Education has released indicates that many primary schools in 17 woredas of Tigrai are being exposed to closure because of the inability of teachers to carry on their job. This reportedly results from the fact that teachers go to school empty stomach that in turn causes them to become fatigued and all in. The report also reveals that if the situation continues this way, the number of schools to shut down is likely to increase.

Therefore, TDA, on behalf of teachers and many others in dire need, implores the Tigrian business community, diaspora and international community to extend your helping hand to save their lives, and many thanks for your urgent assistance.

Don’t wait. Help Now!


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