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Challenges and Prospects of Good Governance in Tigrai-Ethiopia

By Maryihun Tsegay (Public Relations Bureau)
Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, April 27, 2016

Good Governance in Tigrai State northern Ethiopia


The identified problems regarding good governance in tax payment, budget administration, land management, public dissatisfaction judiciary, undeserving status of the civil servant and authorities in listening and responding to the public demands are the main ones. Infact, the regional government tried to give remedy by establishing taskforce named as Front for Good Governance. The Front consists of responsible bureaus:  Civil Services, Speaker of the House of Regional Parliament, Administrative and Security, Urban Development Trade and Industry, and Rural Land Administration, Revenue Authority, Public Grievance Listening Sectors, The Council of Judiciary administration and as of this year, the Public Relations. The Front has the same organizational structure down to the district level.

However, the regional government learnt that the good governance status isn’t compatible with the development trajectory. The problem is taken as serious as the main crunch for the second GTP 2 unless the rent seeking problems gashed to the level of insignificance Based on the decisions of the ruling party and regional sate, it has conducted a defrayal movement in its structure, dismissed the corrupted and incapable ones, and they face legal charges for their wrong doing. The movement was supported by public conferences up to the smallest administrative village level called as kebelle.  

According to the opinion the columnist of Good Governance, the government have declared that the defrayal processes are officially closed and the permanent democratic institutions such as anti-corruption and others are handling the cases, one cannot tell the results instead of putting hypotheses, let us look at the challenges and opportunities. In fact, looking at the level of clearing processes, those who are involved in the act of corruption may try to be an obstacle and may disseminate false information as they have not any other cover ups and we should not be surprised until the rent seeking chains be dismantled. Thus, let me describe the information about the evaluations conducted by the executive members of the state and the leadership of the ruling party and the measures taken as far my knowledge is concerned.

The regional state, without separating development from good governance, is developing accountability through public opinion and is evaluating and making self-scrutiny at every level of the leadership bottom up level. Based on the follow up made, there are measures taken up on the individuals who showed visible improvements and weaknesses according to criteria set and the cases are brought to the Executives of the regional state. This will continue. But, before looking into the details, first let us see the weaknesses, implications of the weaknesses, and the remedial actions taken.

  1. The Identified pitfalls of good Governance through research and public raised in the conferences and measures taken

  2. Public complaints regarding justice in general and Judiciary, prosecutors, investigation police officers unprincipled relationship with Brokers, private lawyers lead to many injustices.

  3. The big failure in addressing concurrent crimes (human trafficking, contraband, usury, divorce (abusing the rights of women…) criminals are set free on bail out and escaping out of the country, this shows that there is corruption and nepotism

Measures taken

  1. We have dismissed prosecutors, police investigators, the middle administrative police Heads, and those who are accused are facing legal courts

  2. If there are individuals who accumulated wealth illegally, it will be seen and included in the research by anti-corruption commission

  3. The judges administration council should see, research and will decide on the judges who lost public confidence in every level they are found by the investigation

In towns


In rural


Short comings on Tax Administration Reform


In addition to the above mentioned measures taken, the leadership in the government and the party is making clearance side by side with the process of developing Accountability through Public Opinion so that the movement of prevailing good governance will never be turned back.

The criteria are Rapid Response, the level of clarity of the given Response satisfying the public as an institution it will continue the relation smoothly are some of the detailed activities.

The public is hopeful to solve the problems of good governance in an organized manner and is participating actively.

There is no such measure taken to satisfy the negativists without any evidence as the disadvantage outweighs the advantages.

Those who push for the measures without cleaning the individuals within the chain so that their case will be covered and considered as if it is solved and will not have any public relevance.

Therefore, the public its organization (party) and the government will work hand in hand to finalize the already started movement of prevailing good governance up to the end.


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