Tigrai State Regional Health Bureau wins award for tobacco control
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Ethiopian Tigrai State Regional Health Bureau wins award for tobacco control

Tigrai Online, August 31, 2017

Tigrai State Regional Health Bureau wins award for tobacco control
Ethiopian Tigrai State Regional Health Bureau wins award for tobacco control

Tigrai Regional Health Bureau, Tigrai National Regional State, the northern most state of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has won an award for the state’s superb work in controling tobacco in the population.


As part of its continued campaign, the United Nation’s World Health Organization, WHO gives awards to individuals and organizations for their efforts and accomplishments in tobacco control. The awards are given every year to those who helped their respective communities in minimizing and controlling the harmful effects of tobacco.

The awards are given to entities in six WHO regions of the world namely, African region, Region of the Americas, Eastern Mediterranean Region, European Region, South-East Asia Region, and Western Pacific Region.

From Africa Tigrai State representing Ethiopia, Mrs. Olivia Agyekumwaa Boateng, Republic of Ghana, Dr. Aurélien from Republic of Madagascar, National Assembly of the Republic of the Gambia, and Dr Elel Boulou Epse Ndembiyembe Flore, Republic of Cameroon are the winners.

Other winners include from the Americas:Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. From the European region Republic of Slovenia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Republic of Serbia and Germany. From the Eastern Mediterranean region Qatar, Afghanistan, and Oman. From South East Asia region Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives. From Western Pacific Region Dr Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial of Philippines, Mr Jonathan Liberman from Australia, Ministry of Health, Vanuatu,  Shanghai Municipal People's Government, People’s Republic of China, Dr Tadao Shimao from Japan, and Department of Health, Tokelau. You can visit the following link for more information on the awards. http://www.who.int/tobacco/wntd/awards-2017/en/

In the year 2015 the capital city of Tigrai state, Mekelle banned smoking in public places. The ban in the city of Mekelle makes smoking illegal in bars, restaurants, schools and hospitals, as well as outdoors in stadiums and during religious festivals. The ban carries stiff fines for those who break the law.

It is not surprising the state of Tigrai in Ethiopia is leading the social change. The Tigrai people have been core engineers of change in all aspects of life in the Horn of Africa. As a result the most remarkable Ethiopian historical and religious sites including Yaha (Damat), Axum, Debre Damo, Nejashi Mosque Where tombs of fifteen of the original followers and family members of the Prophet Muhammad are located, and hundreds of rock hewn churches are found in Tigrai state.


In any country achievements of this magnitude would be celebrated by every citizen of the country, but not in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia where pathological liars, history robbers, heritage thieves, traitors were pretending to be kings and heroes, truth and reality are easily distorted for cheap politics.

Such twisted propaganda lies have been perpetuated against the golden achievements of the people of Tigrai for years. One such example is what happened last week by the state owned media, Ethiopian Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation - EBC ). When it was announced by the main international media news outlets that Tigrai State Policy on land restoration has won the Future Policy Gold Award from the World Future Council and the UN, EBC or somebody in the organization decided to turn that exemplary great news in to devilish negative event.

First they tried to conceal the news by omitting the name of the state where it has happened. Second they used an illegal and inflammatory internal map of Ethiopia found on line instead of using a proper map from government archives.

All this was done to destroy the good news about the state of Tigrai and the people who paid in blood, sweat, and money to completely reverse the deterioration of their land. The prophets of poverty successfully changed the agenda from Tigrai state of Ethiopia won gold to “TPLF Tigray region, annexing areas in Amhara and Benishangul regions and bordering the Sudan”.


Mind you these are the same people bombarding Ethiopians for unity while desecrating anything and everything that is achieved by 85% of Ethiopians, the Tigrai people being one of the people targeted by those backward hate mongers.

This is not the first time the state media to target Tigrai state, there has been multiple occasions where EBC or other government owned media trying to stir conflict among the Ethiopian people. The question is isn’t there supervision, accountability, checking and double checking and other management system that would prevent such embarrassing shameful acts?

The good news, it is 2017 and EBC is not the only news media that disseminates news and other information. The EBC organization management and staff should work for all the Ethiopian people or they risk on becoming irrelevant.

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