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To our heroines, and heroes who paid the ultimate price for Tigrai

By Fitsum
Tigrai Online 10/26/2023

To our heroines, and heroes who paid the ultimate price for Tigrai

Do you remember how we Tegaru in diaspora spent our time during the genocidal war that you fought and died for? We had been fighting on your side and I am one of them. Do you know how much we were longing for reunion with you all in Tigray after the fight? We are unblessed and unlucky. Our wish of reunion with you all our treasures went off to the air and we lost you.

I strongly believe that my brother and niece and all our martyrs now are resting in eternal peace along with with your former martyrs. That you all have paid the ultimate price to save Tigray and its Citizens from being wiped off from this Earth simply we are Tegaru is honorable way to leave this planet. How much is enough to say thank you for the price you paid? We do not have enough words for it. Let me just keep it my my heart that I will take down to my gravers with me along with my dead body.

To my future burial ground goers and funeral services attendants, please do not cover my dead body with any clothing. I already have it. My heart and my body are clothed with the gift I have received from my martyrs. Just bury me naked, naked like a newborn baby.

We all your fellow Tegaru are seriously struggling to accept that you had taken your highest flight, a flight of no return, and a one-way flight for good.

Our martyrs, you are not one of the dearest people in our lives. You all are rather one and only one without parallel and comparison. The appreciation and love we have for you will never change for ever.

You had shown us that you love us dearly more than you love your  first-degree families, yourself, friends, neighbors, etc. We owe you a massive debt of thanks.

What are you now doing up there in Heaven, anyways? Are you watching us down crying profusely and river because of your departure?

You are sorely missed. We feel lonely, incomplete, and in adequate without you. If our pains subside and start healing which I doubt seriously, I will get back to you.

Please pass my greetings and appreciation to our former martyrs and tell them that they are still like fresh dearly missed. Tell them that we are in love with them too.


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