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Ethiopians are staying at home due to the democratization of the country and economic growth.
Since the T.P.L.F EPRDF removed the brutal Derg government, the number of Ethiopian refugees is drastically reduced.

Glorious Ethiopia was reborn in 1990 after a thousand years

Tigrai Online, June 6, 2015

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. There is no better way to explain the miraculous transformation of the Ethiopian society in every sector than the chart above. The chart is part of an article in the Qartz website, but we combined the graphs for ease of veiwablity. As you can see in the graph the key year is 1990. 1990 the year the gallant TPLF fighters with their EPRDF comrades uprooted the brutal fascist Derg government. 1990 was the dawn of democracy, justice, development, equality, hope, self confidence, security and rebirth of the glorious country called Ethiopia.

The rotten feudal system which was burring Ethiopia alive for the past 800 years before 1990 was demolished for good by the sons and daughters of the Axumite Kingdom.


The 100 years old evil racist system which was dividing Ethiopians on ethnic and class lines and which plunged the Ethiopian people in to grinding poverty and civil war was buried once and for all in 1990.

Tigrai Online is not trying to convince anyone who is purposely refusing to see how Ethiopia has changed after the fundamental change in governing in 1990. We are trying to encourage those who are seeing the light at the end of the light and working to bring about real change to Ethiopia building on top of what the EPRDF government has done so far.

We are not blaming any young people for past mistakes by past administrations including the kings. We are just asking all of Ethiopian youth to open their eyes and see what is the fight all about in the Ethiopian politics. It is between those who fabricate lies to bring the old system and stay on top of the majority of Ethiopians and those who want to build a just and equitable society.

If the old goons can bring change that will help all Ethiopians, how come we didn't see a fraction of what EPRDF has done in 20 years, when they were in power for 100 years?

Truth has to be told no matter what. We know some feelings and egos are going to be bruised by this article, but so be it. You can not build real unity based on a lie, real unity can only come by having honest discussions and telling the absolute truth.

You can check the article and the graphs in QUARTZ http://qz.com/420803/charted-ethiopia-used-to-be-the-origin-of-most

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