High power transmission lines and distribution stations are in place for GERD other Ethiopian dams
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the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam sixth anniverssary
High power transmission lines and distribution stations are in place for GERD
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is the largest hydro electric dam in Africa

High power transmission lines and distribution stations are in place for GERD

Tigrai Online, August 27, 2017

High power transmission lines and distribution stations that promptly carry electric power when dams begin power generation is put in place, according to Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

Some 1400 km long 500kV carrying high power transmission line is extended for immediate use when the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) starts generating power.


EEP External and Public Relations Director, Misikir Negash told ENA that 500 kV distribution stations built from GERD-Dedesa-Holeta and Dedesa-Holeta are awaiting the power generation of the Renaissance Dam.

Over 28 billion birr has been expended on the construction of the power distribution stations, it was learned.


According to Misikir, the capacity to build these big stations alongside power generation projects is vital for the country which has been registering rapid and sustainable economic growth.

The power transmission lines and distribution stations will enable to put to use power as soon as the dams start generating power, he elaborated.

The Gibe III 400 kV, Hurso 230 kV and Gambella and Mehoni power distribution transmission stations are fully operational.

Source: ENE English


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