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Fundraising BBQ For Mekete Tigrai hosted by Tegaru Women for Tigrai in Toronto

By Tegaru Women for Tigrai in Toronto
Tigrai Online July 23, 2021

Dear ___________________________________________________

You have probably heard from international media about one of the most hideous wars in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. On November 4, 2020, the Ethiopian prime minister mobilized his army and invited the Eritrean army; special forces from the Amhara regional state, and Drones from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to wage war on the elected government and people of Tigray.


For more than eight months, the people of Tigray suffered all forms of atrocities. Thousands have been killed, more than 2.2 million people have been displaced including more than 63, 000 refugees sheltered in Sudan, and more than 5.4 million people have become destitute requiring humanitarian assistance. Recently, The United Nations has warned that more than 900,000 persons and 33,000 children are facing famine. Tigray has been and is under collective punishment where food, medicines, and water services, as well as telecommunication, internet, and television systems, have been cut off. Besides, health facilities, schools, businesses, and other means of livelihoods have been deliberately destroyed by heavy artillery; farms have been burned, and food and personal possessions have been looted to starve the people to death. The atrocities perpetrated on the people and livelihoods of Tigray have been described by human rights organizations and many western governments as “genocide, crime against humanity war crimes.”

After eight months of bloody war, the elected government of Tigray has restored control of Mekelle, the capital city of Tigray, and significant portion of its administrative territory. However, the regional government found an empty coffer and the Ethiopian government refuses to provide any support whatsoever. Therefore, the Tigray government shoulders the burden of providing humanitarian assistance to the people facing starvation and the reconstruction of the region.

Following a call from the Tigray government, members of the Tigrayan diaspora is fundraising from its diaspora community. However, given the magnitude of the devastation and the number of people that need humanitarian assistance, the Tigrayan diaspora alone cannot meet the financial and material needs.

We request you, therefore, to stand with the people of Tigray by contributing any amount you can. By doing so, you stand with the children, women, and people at the brisk of death.

Should you decide to support the famine stricken people of Tigray, please make deposit at any TD bank to our TD bank account below or mail a cheque to the above address.

Bank Account for Tigrayan Humanitarian Fundraising is:
Tigrayan association in Toronto.
TD bank<
Bank #:004
Branch (Transit) #: 11042
Account #: 0512_527_6478

Thank you in advance for your support,

The organizing committee. Jul/2021


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