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HR 128 more about controlling Ethiopia than human rights and democracy

Tigrai Online, April 10, 2018

Watch the experts warning the Ethiopian government in the above video


The United States Congress is set to vote on HR 128 this week according to Rep. Mike Coffman who represents Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District. "I'm happy to announce that after months of hard work (by all involved) #HRes128 is scheduled for a vote the week of April 9. The fight for respect of human rights & inclusive governance in #Ethiopia" The Congressman said on his tweeter.

A couple of law makers in the United States of America have been pushing for the U.S. government to take a hard line stance against the Ethiopian government. From the outside HR 128 is supposed to be about democracy and human rights in Ethiopia, but that is a façade for much more sinister and destructive agenda against Ethiopian sovereignty and its people.

The race for total domination of the Horn of Africa is heating up as witnessed by the number of countries who establishing military bases in Djibouti, Somaliland, Eritrea and Sudan. Out of the more dozen countries who are jostling to get their foot in the Red Sea, the United States and China are the most powerful once. Russia is trying its luck in Sudan or Eritrea avoiding the crowds in Djibouti.

Recently the Chinese just finished setting up one of the biggest military base outside of China in Djibouti. The Chinese are deeply involved not only in the Horn of Africa, but in the continent of Africa in economic development, investment, trading, and transfer of technology, education, and cultural exchange. Ethiopia is one of the anchor countries in Africa for the Chinese. The United States resents the Chinese having so much influence in Africa especially in Ethiopia which they consider an ally in the fight against terrorism and much more. Some U.S. politicians think the EPRDF government is getting too close to the Chinese and they are trying to dislodge China out of Ethiopia or if they can out of Africa.  One way to accomplish the above goal is by destabilizing the Ethiopian government. If it is possible they would love to use soft methods which is working from inside the EPRDF government, if that is not possible they would use some sort of color revolution or youth movement to overthrow the government and replace it with a puppet government.


The elements of the U.S. government trying to do regime change in Ethiopia are not alone, they have international and domestic collaborators. Most of the NGOs funded by George Soros including most of those who have been in Ethiopia for years are actively working to create discord between the government end the people in the name of democracy and human rights. The greedy Ethiopians working with these foreigners are blinded by their desire to come to power and their personal glory. They don’t care what happens to the country or the people of Ethiopia. That is the reason all the extremists and terrorist groups are based in Washington DC and London because they are mad dogs to be unleashed against the EPRDF government if it refuses to eject the Chinese from its land.

Human Rights Watch which has been working against the EPRDF government for years said the following on its website regarding the pending vote of the U.S. Congress on HR 128,

H. Res. 128 contains clauses that could strengthen the hand of the Prime Minister vis-a-vis less responsive segments within the EPRDF party coalition structure, requiring negotiation with the forces that control the country’s security apparatus, intelligence and the economic sectors.

Read the above paragraph carefully to understand what Human Rights Watch is saying. Is Dr. Abiy more responsive to Westerners than former PMs Hailemariam and Meles? IF yes how and why?

It seems that the forces who destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya (for Oil), Afghanistan (for the natural gas in the Caspian Sea), and Yemen & Somalia (for the Red Sea) are ready to do the same to Ethiopia because of its government’s relationship with China and its proximity to the Red Sea.


There might be many issues that need to be resolved and many questions that need to be answered by the Ethiopian government, but foreigners and their resolutions don’t have the Ethiopian people’s best interest at heart. The people behind HR 128 are one hundred percent looking for their best interest not democracy and human rights for Ethiopians.

HR 128 more about controlling Ethiopia than human rights and democracy HR 128 is more about controlling Ethiopia and cicking the Chinese out, but it is not about human rights and democracy in Ethiopia


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