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United Tegaru Youth in North America - UTYNA Awards 2019 Laptop Scholarship

UTYNA Press Release
Tigrai Online Sept. 27, 2019

United Tegaru Youth in North America - UTYNA Awards 2019 Laptop Scholarship

United Tegaru Youth in North America - UTYNA Awards 2019 Laptop Scholarship to the top ten students with high score on the Ethiopian University Entrance Examination


The United Tegaru Youth in North America (UTYNA) takes great pleasure in announcing the recipients of the 2019 UTYNA Laptop Scholarship. In an effort to engage young people firsthand in the educational improvement of the Tigray region, the organization’s scholarship aims to encourage student morale by providing action-oriented support of Tigray’s secondary school system. It is UTYNA’s hope that this scholarship is one step forward in promoting the cognitive learning, affective development, and practical competence of their region’s students.  

While the organization’s fairly new structure inhibits substantial financial investment, the Laptop Scholarship does provide a personal computer for the Tigray-based seniors who scored within the top 10 of the Ethiopian University Entrance Examination, as divided by gender. More specifically, the top five male and female students were presented with the award during a ceremony held by UTYNA on the Kallamino Special Secondary School campus on September 25, 2019.

The laptops are intended to provide the selected high school students with additional access to technology, thereby furthering their post-secondary persistence and success. The scholarship also hopes to increase student drive and illustrate a sense of unity among Tegaru youth in North America, the greater Diaspora, and Tigray.  

Among the ten awardees, two students were from Edaga Hamus Secondary School, while the remaining eight were from Kallamino Special Secondary School. Please see below for the list of awardees.  


No. Name Gender Score/700 School
1 Dawit Mekonnen Fissha M 626 Kallamino
2 Tuemay Sieley Neynu M 618 Kallamino
3 Nahom Kidane G/Tsadik M 612 Edagahamus
4 Dawit Berhe Hadis M 608 Kallamino
5 Eyob Aregay G/Michael M 602 Kallamino
6 Meaza G/Medhin Endrias F 579 Kallamino
7 Kidan K/Aregawi Gebre F 574 Kallamino
8 Hermela Seltanu Gizaw F 557 Kallamino
9 Shishay W/Aregay G/Michael F 556 Kallamino
10 Kisanet G/Michael Lema F 545 Edagahamus