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Congratulations to Gedu Andargachew and The Sidama people for their success

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Nov. 11, 2019

Mr. Redae Halefom intervew on Tigrai TV

Prosperity or Medemer party members like Berhanu Nega and Abiy Ahmed are liars and traitors, the Ethiopian people should bring them to justice today before they escape from Ethiopia.


First I congratulate the Ethiopian Sidama people for realizing their dream of becoming Statehood by crushing Abiy Ahmed’s Klanshikove and his boastful slogans. It is believed that the Sidama people will bring Abiy Ahmed Ali to justice for the innocent Sidama people’s lives lost under his order and arrogance.

I also congratulate Gedu Andargachew’s delegation for selling the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for the sake of Abiy Ahmed’s political power and for taking picture with the president of the USA. Very near in the future, the Photos will help Gedu as good evidence to get an automatic Asylum seeker status and green Card in the USA like Birhanu Nega, Abiy Ahmed and his families did.

Abiy Ahmed Ali lied to all Ethiopians about the meetings in the USA concerning the renaissance dam. He said the meeting will not be about negotiations concerning the renaissance Dam. If the meeting was not about negotiations, what was the objective of the meeting then? Was the meeting prepared for picture taking ceremony between USA leaders and Gedu? 

I am warning Ethiopians the prosperity or Medemer party members are bunch of liars and traitors. Ethiopians should bring them to justice today before they escape from Ethiopia like Birhanu Nega did since 1967 E.C up to now.

Anyways, I want to congratulate the Medemer party for their childish deceptions:


Thank you the prosperity Party for prospering Ethiopia within the last two years. Under the leadership of the prosperity party, Ethiopia saved 200 million dollars in her account by halting investment on the Ethiopian Dams. You have partially or fully sold the renaissance dam that was built by the Smart leaders in the past 27 years. The prosperity should also be proved by selling the profitable Ethiopian Airlines, all the sugar factories and we will have additional millions of dollars in our pocket.

TPLF/EPRDF was attracting investors to invest in manufacturing industries, agricultural industries, Miningd and Airlines etc. But under the Medemer party reforms, we are attracting potential customers who have no interest to invest but who have the potential interest to buy Ethiopia. The potential bidders awarded Ethiopia the world peace Nobel price to help us do more business with them. The more customers we have the more we will prosper. 

While Sudan refused to receive 3 billion dollars for reasons of its sovereignty, Abiy Ahmed has received 3 billions of dollars. Wow, we have even built homes for King Abiy Ahmed Ali and his families with four billion birr. Any Ethiopian who believes in the Prosperity party or Medemer party will build his/her home with billions of birr like Abiy Ahmed Ali did. Just believe in the Medemer Party.

Anyone who does not believe in the prosperity party or Medemer party commits a sin, and you will be accused of corruption and quarantined like Bereket Simon, Tadesse Kassa and General Kinfe Dagnew.

The prosperity party or Medemer party is against drinking a cocktail of Whisky.  But the Medemer Party believes in drinking the Red –wine. The Medemer party drinks Red-wines of General Seare, General Gezae, Dr. Ambachew and Engineer Simegnew Bekelle. It is with the cups of those Red-wines that the Medemer team party and our new customers communed and made blood covenant to work together. 

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