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Who will be the next Ethiopian Prime Minister? Have your say!

Tigrai Online, March 24, 2018

Who will be the next Ethiopian Prime Minister Who do you think will be the next Ethiopian Prime Minister?


Ethiopians are eagerly waiting for the EPRDF Council meeting to be over and find out who the next Ethiopian Prime Minister is going to be.

Tigrai Online wants to give its readers a chance to cast their prediction and expectation about the next Ethiopian Prime Minister. If you decided to share your guess who you think might be chosen as the next PM please explain why your prediction might be the right one and the potential advantages of electing him or her as the next Prime Minister of Ethiopia. You might also include why the other once are not right to be the next Prime Minister.

EPRDF Council which has 180 members comprised of 45 members each from the four major parties that make up the EPRDF has been in a meeting for a few days now and the meeting is still going on, it is expected to be concluded soon.


Ethiopians are fiercely debating each other about who should be the next PM of Ethiopia on the internet especially on Face book and other social media platforms. Some of the arguments are shallow and based on ethnic or religious grounds not the best interest of the country as whole, but some are just airing their views about who they think is the best for Ethiopia.

No one for sure knows who will be the next Ethiopian Prime Minister, but the current domestic political crisis will play a significant part on choosing the next PM. On top of that the role of international players especially the United States and China couldn’t be underestimated.


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