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Wondemu Mekonen: getting a taste of his own medicine.

The apolitical children of Londonís St. Mary of Tsion
Tigrai Online, September 17, 2013

As if what he has been doing to fellow Ethiopian students in former Soviet Union during the bloody rule of the Derg was not enough crime against Ethiopians abroad, a former Derg cadre, Wondimu Mekonen, has been masquerading as a demo-human rights activist by badmouthing and character assassinating anyone who dares hold a political view contrary to his.

Wondemu Mekonen a former Derg cadre, Liar, Pants on Fire!
A former Derg cadre, Wondimu Mekonen, has been masquerading as a demo-human rights activist by badmouthing and character assassinating anyone who dares hold a political view contrary to his.

According to Wondemu Mekonen’s whimsical criteria, a patriot is one who embraces one-size-fits-all view on the question of Ethiopian unity, while a democrat is one who blindly opposes EPRDF.

There exists then no sacred mission to Wondemu than hounding and hunting supporters of EPRDF on the blogosphere. Recently, however, he has been acting like someone who had taken leave of his senses, by waging a war on EOTC in general and the Priest-in-charge of London’s St Mary of Tsion, serving priests and deacons.

As they say “the devil quotes the scripture for his purpose” so too does nominal Christian, Wondemu, often cites verses from the New Testament to eclipse his hidden agenda – to allow opposition politics to prevail in the House of the Lord.

When his and his political confreres’ surrogate aim - to turn the Church of St. Mary of Tsion into G7’s real estate - crumbled like a house of cards, desperate and angry Wondemu resorted into a vicious personal attack by firing fusillades of smear and sneer on our spiritual father, Abba Girma, who had, in thin and thick, served the community of EOTC with integrity. For the true children of EOTC push had therefore come to shove.

Given Wondemu’s refusal to pay heed to our many pleas and admonishments for him to refrain from bringing disrepute to our Mother Church, we held not a covert but an overt meeting to discuss the way forward.  We reached a unanimous, agreed to take the bull by the horns by staging an “Anti-Wondemu Mekonen rally” at the university where he teaches. Full details will be communicated via the social media.

 Our message is loud and clear:

“A fake PhD holder is least qualified to be our pastor!”

“Wondemu Mekonen hands off EOTC!”

“Wondemu: first remove the log from your own eye, before you remove the speck from Aba Girma’s eye!”

In a desperate attempt to cut a wedge between us and the fraternity of EOTC in the UK and beyond, Wondemu recently posted an “SOS Call” (Save our Soul call) on www.ethiomedia.com This cowardly act is too little too late. We want the world of Ethiopians to know that we are missionaries of Christ and not mercenaries of EPRDF. Opposing Wondemu must not mean supporting EPRDF. How Wondemu chooses to oppose EPRDF is his inalienable right and his business. All we are asking him is to respect our democratic right to peaceful worship.

In point of fact, instead of getting perspiration from our resolve to cut him to seize, Wondemu should derive inspiration from our determination to offer him a taste of his own medicine.

May God bless our country, our church and our people!

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