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Call for Abstracts and/or Proposals for International Tigray Festival 2014

Panels and Workshops Coordinating Committee
Tigrai Onlne - April 18, 2014

The Panels and Workshops Coordinating Committee of International Tigray Festival 2014 in Tigray is soliciting abstracts from potential participants of the Festival.  The committee is composed of coordinators from North America, Europe, and Ethiopia (including Addis Ababa and Tigray).  Mekelle University is taking the lead in hosting the panels, workshop, and paper presentations.  After careful deliberations, the following areas have been identified as essential themes for the festival this year. These are:

  1. education,
  2. health,
  3. investment,
  4. good-governance, and
  5. any other topics important to the developmental needs of our region.

Academics and professionals who would like to participate in the panels, take part in the workshops, and present papers in their professional or academic careers are cordially invited to submit their abstracts/proposals and brief bios to Tigray.Festival2014@gmail.com and Festival.Tigray2014@gmail.com.  The deadline for submission of abstracts and/or proposals is May 15th, 2014.

Panels and Workshops Coordinating Committee, International Tigray Festival 2014 in Tigray

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