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Ethiopia submits a proposal for hosting the World coffee Conference

By Ejegu Yeneneh
Tigrai Onlne - March 03, 2014

Ethiopia submits a proposal for hosting the World coffee Conference
Ethiopia is widely believed to be the birthplace of coffee.

Ethiopia has submitted a proposal for hosting the 4th World Coffee Conference in Addis Ababa. The proposal is being circulated in an electronic format only in view of the length of the document. The International Coffee Council is requested to consider this proposal.

The detail of the well prepared document of the Ethiopian proposal is available in the following link. If Ethiopia’s proposal is accepted, it will bring great cash flow to local business in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas. Also it will help bring much needed hard currency to the country. For some of the people who are participating in the coffee conference will be introduced to Ethiopia. Potentially they will come back as tourists and help the Ethiopian economy.

Click here to see the Ethiopian proposal


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