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email: zollasoftware@yahoo.com
Location: Addis
I have bsc in computer scince. i am hounest man
Name: mussie
email: moskapri@yahoo.com
Location: Asmara
Wow Love is a gift of God, Love it is also a power of relations and conduct of every human being, So plz Do it what a Love needs or to be.......................
Name: Haregot Tigray
email: hillelshire@yahoo.com
Location: Frankfurt/Germany
I am 'love' loving Tigrean man with alot of life experiance. I am living far away from my homeland. So that it is difficalt for me to have good intmacy with my /Tigrean/ girl/woman. Mail me and I will tell yu all !
Name: Asfaw Hiluf
email: asfawlove@yahoo.com
Location: Mekelle
I 've a deep love for love, because love makes a person to be loved.
Name: dawit
email: stdeve15@yahoo.com
Location: Netherlands
I like to meet a lovely and sexy women from tigtai If you are intersted please contact me.
Name: Ketema Haile 30
email: ketemearada@yahoo.com
Location: Addis ababa
I need an Ethiopian tigrean lady to be my friend and ultimately...... Speacially a lady with her own respect and for others,love to read plus,if possible write. I love to read books and write whatever I feel on any thing. Height 1.78cm Weight 75
Name: Se-Arom Weldegiorgis 27
email: skassahun2005@yahoo.com
Location: Silver Spring USA
Height 5.4 feet Weight 130 pounds
Name: Samsom hadshe 25
email: dantu2006@yahoo.com
Location: Italy
Height 65 Weight 183
Name: alex brhane 21
email: alemayoh66@yahoo.com
Location: Alex USA
I just want to make friends check me out i am cool boy Height 5.5 Weight 120
Name: Zinabu Haile 21
email: z_ethiopik@yahoo.com
Location: Addis Ababa
Greetings! I am a college graduate in computer science.But now I am matured enough to get afriend and should be Gal'Adey,She must be beautiful in mind.For more detail Mail me with the address specified above. Height 1.75 Weight 58
Name: tedrosmichael
email: henokghebremikael@yahoo.com
Location: leeds, uk
hello ! hi my name is tedros i am from leeds . i am engeener .i am looking for anicegirl . so email me .
Name: abeba solomon
email: ababagr@yahoo.com
Location: europe
I am kind, confidential and wanna discuss ideas.I am 28 years old woman who is looking for intelectual and respectful "tegraway"man...wanna hear from you my height is 165cm and weight 54kg
Name: Samuel Gebremedhn 22
email: samig96@yahoo.com
Location: Prague Czech republic
I am Tigrian living and studying in Czech republic I am one of the rear tigraens living here then I am really happy to meat tigraweyti for a good friendship and we will see next ........ciao Height 175 Weight 60
Name: Axumawi 26
email: yeman1980@yahoo.com
Location: Addis Ababa
am light color skin,183cm long,73kg wieght,i am sociable and easily communicate with people,i am handsome boy.I live in Addis,i was born in Axum.I am a gradutede and in governmental office. Height 183 Weight 73
Name: Solomon/Abrsh Alemseged 28
email: soladut@yahoo.com
Location: A.A Ethiopia
you should put some comment Height 1.80cm Weight 71kg
Name: Eyob Hadush 32
email: hadushs@yahoo.com
Location: Washington DC USA
I am a man who aspires simple life with a partner, GUAL ADEY. I have some level of educational background and I expect my friend to be a graduate; Diploma or above.I prefer the relationship to start as friendship. I would love if it can grow furhter then after. Why not? Have kids after sometime. A Chiristian light skin Tigrian will be my best match. Good luck for Eyob and my envisaged partner. Height 5-09 Weight 175
Name: yitbarek gebreegzeabher 24
email: yitba_2017@yahoo.com
Location: Mekelle
Actually i am a man of priniciple. i dare to speak my mind logically.I believe in true love and communicate closely. Height 2.0m Weight 60
Name: Grimay Tedla 25
email: tibu4321@aol.com
Location: NY USA
I am handsome Height 5'10" Weight 148
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