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Name: Sami Yene 28
email: ghsami@hotmail.com
Location: London UK
My name is sami ,i leave in london for 16yr, I work for CAMPANY INTERNATIONAL MONUTERY FUND AND Time is up for me to get setteldown, i wish i can meet one of my dream girl,especialay from my own home Tigry(weyen). Height 5'7" Weight 75
Name:Alex Jone 23
email: genet56@yahoo.com
Location: Addis
Selam Deki Adey Height 6ft Weight 140
Name: Hafetom Asmelashe 23
email: dantu2006@yahoo.com
Location: Italy
Height 180 Weight 65
Name: Kibrom Gebre 20
email: fremina@gmail.com
Location: USA
There is nothing like your own lovly ladies. i love my ethiopian tegaru beauty. They are beatiful outside and inside. I hope God will give me one. Height 185cm Weight 70 kg
Name:Hagusta Tassew 25
email: Ethio24@yahoo.com
am 25 year old young man looking for long term relationship. I am honest, respectful, down to earth, loving, caring affectionate. And also I like traviling, dining out, going to movie. Right now I am a nursing student. Height 5,8 Weight 145
Name: Tsigab Tedla 29
email: tted0514@brockport.edu
Location: Rochester USA
I am honest man I like to travel.I like a real woman to married me. Height 182 Weight 160
Name: Samboy Zekarias 30
email: zmillionke@yahoo.com
Location: Addis ababa
I am looking a women,and first I want to know about her and then will dicaied what is going on by next.first will go for both of us freindship and then .....! Height 1m&70in Weight 72kg
Name: Jhon Gebreselasi 24
email: yohannes1983@yahoo.com
Location: Dallas USA
Height 6"00' Weight 175p
Name: yohannes Zeray
email: girma4emeru@yahoo.com
Location: addis abeba
Height 176 Weight 67
Name: Ahmeed Adem 28
email: mromodan@yahoo.com
Location: kahrtoom sudan
I am going for usa in fiture and i need a woman Height 185 c Weight 79
Name: Tsion Kidane 25
email: tsion108@yahoo.com
Location: axum
Hi kemey tikonu alekum selamtana yibsahikum deki tigrai Height 158 Weight 53
Name: JOON ZERU 21
email: debsaybayene@yahoo.com
Location: malta
I ane debesay yebahal kendi tewledey eritrawi eye gen adey etiopiyawit gal adwa eya ane ab adwa kani adi abun yebahal endadia dema zuban gila ab adwa eyu selezi ane tegraweyti gal kab meste kab shgara edebti zekonet gal yedeli aloku Height 175 Weight 60
Name: Abadi Leake 20
email: mit1_abex@yahoo.com
Location: Mekelle
I am abadi just from Tigrai.And i am a third year of college student(MIT). I like to make relation ship with girls/boys age b/n 17-25. Height 178 Weight 54
Name: Robel Gebrihiwet 25
email: robia80@yahoo.com
Location: sudan
ya at the bigining i want to a friend . then after long time i can ammiriage with her. so this is my comment. Height 1m80cm Weight 60kg
Name: Lili Agazi 29
Hight: 1.64cm, weight: 53kg
email: alagzim@yahoo.com
Location: Addis Ababa
I Am open-minded, self-confident, And Beautiful from inside and good looking from out side. Am health personnel and working in Addis.
Hello let us communicate and build friend ship!
Name: Dawit Thomas
email: dawjeb2000@yahoo.com
Location: Seattle US
I love my country, and people who love themselvs and family. Height 1.58 Weight 160 lb
Name: Ledia Zerai 34
email: elsaazeb@yahoo.com
Location: Asmara
Frist of all I would like peace to both of the two country. Then, I would like goood frind up to Marrage. Height 1.67 Weight 67 -70
Name: Aman Seife 33
email: ama-se@online.no
Location: Stavanger Norway
I want an out going girl Height 172 Weight 66
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