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Name: Samrawit Abebe 26
Location: Addis Ababa
I wanna be nurse in the future.i'm honest & open person Enthusiastic person.so i wanna to meet a firend who is honest & who has a good plan in the future. Height 1.60 Weight 68
Name:Abel Haile 21
email: stswes@yahoo.com
Location: SWEDEN
will tel you ......... Height 180 Weight 67
Name: Abrha/Ezana Hailai 22
email: abrweldu@yahoo.com
Location: Mekelle
Currently I'm a student of Medical Science & will graduate by next yr.I need to have continuous friendship and then marriage after I graduate. I'm looking for a beautiful,single,above 1.65cm tall TIGRIAN lady. WOW life U will have with me Height 1.81 Weight 62
Name: Solo Haile 32
email: abelsolo@libero.it
Location: Italy
I am sociable,open mind and I want freinds like me. Height 1.67 Weight 66
Name:Moges Tesfaye 22
email: moges9999@yahoo.com
Location: JIMMA Ethiopia
I need agreement. I belive solving a problem by agreement. Height 1.20 Weight 52
Name: Zafu Dan 23
email: dantu2006@yahoo.com
Location: Italy
I want You to be my freind Height 180 Weight 60
Name: Samson Kahsay
email: wedaxum@yahoo.com
Location: USA
Height 170 cm Weight 60 Kg
Name: Asfaw Hiluf 20
email: a403401@yahoo.com
Location: Mekelle
Since i am alone i feel lonlyness so to fill those voids i need a girl to be my queen. Height 185cm Weight 77
Name: Amanuel W/michael 26
email: accforever2001@yahoo.comm
Location: sudan
first i would like to cover u my warm greeting from soft part of my heart. i am amanuel,& i need same one hwoneed make realtionship with me the gender ilkie is female
Name: Adane Abadi 20
email: adaneacct@yahoo.com
Location: addis ababa
sineces and economics.I was born in addis ababa and I am not flu speaker of tigriga language so i want to improve my language by discussing about the history and the current situation of tigrai as well as tigrians Height 1.77 Weight 60k.g.
Name: Semere Dawit 21
email: datear11@yahoo.com
Location: Middlsbrough England
Hi selamat deki adey bhabera kemey tkonu kemey tkona awald adina shmey semere ebehal am looking aspecal friend and for the futer of our live .ether any one who have interest to chat with me if you have am very glad and am very happy any country in this world especaly deki adey.... Height 165cm Weight 64kg
Name: Ydnek Seifu 27
email: getoneheart@hotmail.com
In a simple way i am looking 4 the girl who is having confidence and educated .....she should have min first degreeeeeee. seeee u soon Height 1.75CM Weight 67
Location: ALTON U.S.A.
Name: Selam Selomon 27
email: selamnaina@yahoo.com
Location: Atlanta USA
hi deki adey kemy, any one who can contact me pls ........ write me we will have fun..... Height 5.3 inch Weight 111 lb
Name: Ezana Michael 22
email: ezana@breakthru.com
Location: Mekelle
I'm a young Pharmacist. U WILL GET TO KNOW A SOCIABLE GUY.I'm looking for a girl from any corner of the world (age<21) who is faithful in friendship. Height 1.81 Weight 62 Height 178 Weight 54
Name: Gimiraw Tess 24
email: miself@myway.com
Location: A.A. Ethiopia
I am a funny guy, too much fffffunny guy . Here are my hobbies wathing films,football,reading ,walking............. Height 172 Weight 64
Name: Kesete Hagos 28
email: kesete477@yahoo.com
Location: Asmera
I am so cilent&i like cilent &wise pepeal.And my fiture is to contienu my school. Height 173 Weight 56
Name: Kulo Tata 31
email: taye_yetay@yahoo.com
Location: Kristiansand Norway
I am a very ohonest guy and i hate lie and dishonest people ,i like to respect every poeple .in my opinion respection for every body a great way to get and take love from evrybody.
Name:Rich Man 33
email: hirdem2006@yahoo.com
Location: Gondar
I have an easy going psonality,communicative. i need a woman from Tigrai which has a good personality,religious like me[from Orto.tewahi]HAS A GOOD HAIR,SLIM,......am from Amhara Height 1.70 Weight 66
Name: Alulla Samson 42
email: russom555@hotmail.com
Location: Odense Denmark
I do not smoke, and Drink. I want a very honring woman. Height 1.70 cm Weight 71
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