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Name: Chombie Paulos 26
email: mignot12003@yahoo.com
Location: Addis Abeba Ethiopia
I am an Instructor in a college. And I am looking for a healthy, fun liking and very beautiful lady for friend ship and if things allows Us we may marry.And for the different hobboes that I have we can deal more with my mail. Height 1.80 Weight 72
Name: Endalkachew Aragie 30
email: abrweldu@yahoo.com
Location: kemisse Amara region
Iwas boren in tigrai the town e in adwa but Ican not now adwa my mother tigraway bet she is dead the year of 1967 e.c now Ilive in amara region the city n kemisse can you comnicat my famili? Iam suport t.p.l.f tegaru ajokum aynzenzaga .awet zemen ygberlna. Height 1.65 Weight 58
Name: Selam Tekea 25
email: zufan52@yahoo.com
Location: Sudan
I like you ethiopaen or mama every body ethiopaen peoples telephone number.
Name: Neguse Hailu 26
email: negusehaile1@yahoo.com
Location: Netherlands
I am currently living in Wageningen: Netherland for my post graduate study. I am typical Ethiopian - Tigrian, looking to make a friend. Height 1.70 Weight 63
Name: Muna Kahsay 30
email: cazmir13@hotmail.com
Location: Amsterdam Netherlands
I think a human being can grow from a good and constructive conversation. Height 1,63 Weight 53
Name: Hailat G/medhin 27
email: hailaygere@yahoo.com
Location: Mekelle
My dear and will be lifelong friend, please come on quickly after brousing/s the following love call. I am just a person to be loved and love. I'm looking for a nice and lovely women whom would let me quench my thirst for true love that is too sweet, unwavering, eternal and that shine ever green, purely coulored like spring water, what have you. Height 1.62 Weight 61
Name: Ephrem Tadesse Age 21
email: ephrem_tadesse@yahoo.com
Location: Rome
I am hand some boy , I would like a beautefull HABESHA LADY
Name: Abraham Mokonnen Age 27
email: life100wine@yahoo.com
Location: Egypt
I am not a drank my religion is orthodox. looking for marrage
Name: Weynay Nigus Age 24
email: mit_u950056@yahoo.com
Location: Mekelle Ethiopia
I am looking for marrage or freindship if you like drop me a line of two.
Name: Johni Messeret Age 27
email: nyjohn@hotmail.com
Location: Edmenton Canada
Ask me i will let u know later
Name: Fekadu T.Gebreslassie 32
email: fgebreslassie@yahoo.com.au
Location: Melbourne , Australia
I like someone who like reading and watching documentary film. And also i strongly belive any thing should be done with discusion. Height 173 Weight 65.
Name: Getachew Aberha Age 26
email: getachew@yahoo.com
Location: Canada
My future match is a person who is very honest and hard worker likes to enjoy life in genral.Height 180 Weight 67
Name: Beza Wiletaw 24
email: bezawiletaw@yahoo.com
Location: Addis abeba
I am smart.I have B.A. degree. I need a girl who can communicate with me. Height 170 Weight 58
Name: Gheretsadek Sheto Age 25
email: fenanjas@yahoo.com
Location: London
Hi there is everything allright ok see you later. Height 180 Weight 75
Name: Fantahun Hailu Age 26
email: grmariam2@yahoo.com
Location: khartoum sudan
Hi my name is fantahun grmariam hailu iliving in sudan I am looking for freindship. I can be reached at 00249915175341
Name: Yoseph Berhe
email: dogel_2007@hotmail.com
Location: Everett, WA
Looking lady from tigrai but lives in seattle or by. to be friend of mine may be later we can decide how far we can get along together.
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