Miss Tourism Ethiopia 2009 Fetihya Mohamed is representing Ethiopia at the Miss Tourism Queen International

By Beauties Of Africa INC
August 20 2009

Miss Tourism Ethiopia 2009 Fetihya MohamedMiss Tourism EthiopiaⓇ 2009: Fetihya Mohamed is representing Ethiopia at the Miss Tourism Queen pageant in China from the 18-30th August 2009; she departed Ethiopia and has arrived in China for the festivities.

Miss Tourism Queen International was founded by Mr. Charlie See. Since 1949, there have been more than 80 countries occasionally holding this competition for their Miss Tourism National Queen. In 1993, the Miss Tourism Queen International Organization held the first world final competition in Sri Lanka, and later in USA, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and many other countries as well.

Miss Tourism Queen International contests have been held in China for six years from 2004 to 2009. With the mutual benefit between Miss Tourism Pageant and Tourist Cities, this event attracts full support from different circles in the society, and the special involvement of the press and TV media. With around 250 press and media coverage and over 50 TV media's broadcasting, Miss Tourism Queen International serves as an international platform for the involved regions, business brand, tourist cities, tourist products, and fashion and luxury goods In China similar to Miss Tourism of the Millennium: held in Ethiopia to Promote Ethiopia’s Millennium in 2007. Miss Tourism is in internationally registered and protected trademark, and its exclusive usage rights for the trademark MISS TOURISM ETHIOPIAⓇ have been licensed to and used by The Ethiopian Life Foundation since 2003.

Fetihya Mohammed becomes the 5th successive Miss Tourism EthiopiaⓇBeauty Queen to represent Ethiopia at this annual event sponsored by the Ethiopian life foundation, she joins over 100 international beauty queens in China for the event, She had previously represented Ethiopia at Miss International 2006 in Japan

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Miss Tourism Ethiopia 2009 Fetihya Mohamed in chinaMiss Tourism Queen International