Fundraising to build a library at Myliham Elementary School

By Tsehaye Zemenfes
July 13 2009

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Myliham Elementary SchoolThe famous African proverb reads “It takes a village to raise a child”.  At some point in our life time, someone must have played a big role in turning us into mature beings, whether that someone is someone close to us or a neighbor with good intentions.

In the history of humankind, education has always been viewed as a tool not only for upward mobility but also as a ladder to help us to broaden our horizon and understand the world around us.  Many of us have memorable memories about our early childhood education and the excitement we shared attending primary school.  I certainly remember my early days of elementary school at Myliham Elementary in Mekelle, Ethiopia.  Despite only attending up to 3rd grade, I can never forget those memories that have been embedded in me for many years.

After coming to the United States for educational opportunities, I have never forgotten the rich and wonderful memories and it always stuck with me that one day I would want to give back to my beloved elementary school.

My friend, Hideat Alene, who also attended the school at the same time as me, and I have been talking about how to give back to our school.  It has been years since we have considering the idea of building a library at Myliham Elementary but faced numerous obstacles because we did not know how to go about starting this project until we met the wonderful Mr. Yohannes Gebregorgis of Ethiopia Reads:

We are now partnering up with Ethiopia Read to realize our dream, to sponsor a library for our beloved Myliham Elementary.  From Mr. Yohannes, who was gracious enough to visit our school this year, we learned that the school has a room that can be used as a library and that the school has a person who will be trained as a librarian.  In addition, Ethiopia Read has promised to donate books and responsibility is to make sure that the library has enough desks, chairs as well as other resources to make it functional.

While the partnership with Ethiopia Read will allow us to facilitate this sponsorship, we are kindly and graciously asking family, friends, colleagues, and others to help us raise our target goal of $10,000. 

Hideat and I have been very fortunate to have educational resources in our lives and we are determined to give the same opportunity to the students of Myliham Elementary School.

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Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

Thank you and bless you,

Tsehaye and Hideat