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In this page you will find so many different pictures from all parts of our beautiful state of Tigrai. The pictures are from Adwa, Agame, Axum, Enderta, Kelte Awlaelo, Raya, Shire and Tembien. They are from cities, towns, villages and farm land of Tigrai. You also will find hitorical figures like the remarkable Ras Alula Aba Nega, but also historical places like the ancient town of Yeha, axum and Negash in Wuqro. I hope you will enjoy them and know that Tigrai is rich in history, culture, fertile land and blessed with so many rivirs. Tigrai is the mother of all civilizations in the horn of Africa. Tigrai is the land of Qdoos Yaryed, Tigrai is The home of the Ark of the covenant, the land of the Just, brave, free and fair. We have nothing to apologize in our history, but we have everything to be proud of !!.

If you have your favorite pictures you would like us to add to our collection e-mail us and we will add them.