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Chauvinists are sharply pained because their tentacles of oppression have been cut off

By Adal Yihune
Tigrai Online, June 2, 2015

Tigrean war veterians who fought for freedom and democracy
Ethiopian Chauvinists are sharply pained because their tentacles of oppression have been cut off by the TPLF. Above you can see Some of the 65 thousand fighters who were disabled in the struggle for freedom and below them the new generation Ethiopian defense forces.

The former ruling class chauvinists are sharply pained because their tentacles of oppression have been cut off for good reasons. The chauvinist discriminatory slogan "one country, one religion and one language" is deleted permanently once for all and instead unity in diversity is replaced.

The TPLF/EPRDF struggled for radical change in Ethiopia and as a result nations and nationalities have got their right to self determination - there by securing: establishing regional autonomy of self administration, using their language as medium of education and administration, exercising and conserving their culture and history as distinct people of Ethiopia.

The down trodden people of Ethiopia could see a new country with unity in diversity shinning. This is what the change that has pained the chauvinists. They single out Tigraians for bringing about this radical change. For that matter it is all nations and nationalities of Ethiopia together that have brought about this radical change, and therefore, no need to accuse the people of Tigrai.

The change is permanently nailed and cannot be rewind. Any futile exercise to thwart article 39 would end up in the disintegration of the country. So, it is better for all Ethiopians to respect it and enjoy unity in diversity which is taking place now.

Tigrai Online comment:

This article was written by one of Tigrai Online’s visitors intended to be as a comment in one of our articles. We decided to post it as a standalone article because it packs the main messages to the useless chauvinists who are barking day and night against the Tigrai people. The ridicules part of these people is, because they can’t stand up to the people of Tigrai by themselves, they become allies with the worst brutal dictator and child killer regime of the region, the Eritrean regime. If you didn’t get it after so many years, we have a message for you, the people of Tigrai didn’t beg for you to give up power, they forced out of power. Now that you are out of power and out the country no amount of hateful propaganda or the dying regime in Eritrea will not help you get back to the saddle of power. Ethiopians don't expect democracy, development, justice, and equality from chauvinists or Eritrea the North Korea of Africa. The riffraff of the past Ethiopian regimes put the last nail in their coffin by joining the Eritrean PFDJ camp.


In 2015 Woyane means change, a radical change where the Ethiopian people are benefiting from their hard work without discrimination in any shape of form. The Woyane revolution is the Ethiopian people’s revolution. No matter how you package your raciest old ideas, the new Ethiopian generation don’t want to do anything with you or your outdated ideas.

For a young Ethiopian Amara, Oromo, Afar, Sidama, Somali, Tigrai, Wolayita, Gurage or any other Ethiopian ethnic group, Ethiopia is a wonderful multilingual, multicultural and multi religion country and no one can change that fact.

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