Only in Ethiopia would bandits demand the government to release a common criminal
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Only in Ethiopia would bandits demand the government to release a common criminal

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, July 30, 2016

Gonder terrorist leader Demeke Zewde

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The anti unity, peace and development elements are campaigning for the release of Demeke Zewdie. They are calling for illegal demonstrations to be held in North Gonder demanding Demeke’s immediate and unconditional release.

Most of you know this bandits background, but for those who don’t know Demeke is a stooge of the Eritrean regime paid for by the Egyptian spy agencies to destabilize the north western region of Ethiopia which close the GERD project area.

Demeke is responsible for the lawlessness and banditry that took place in the town of Gonder a few weeks ago. The Demeke led disturbance in Gonder was a reason for many innocent civilian Ethiopians and eleven security forces to lose their lives. Private businesses like hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and government institutions were looted and what is left was turned to ash by Demeke’s marauders.

The federal government authorities have went above and beyond to make sure they follow the law of the land and they had ample evidence and a court order to arrest Demeke. However Demeke was not ready to play by the rules because he was working for the enemies of Ethiopia. When the federal agents came to arrest him, his bandits and himself answered them with automatic machinegun fire. These bandits were ready with snipers on top of buildings armed with long range machineguns and hand grandees. The federal agents were there to do their job and they did a superb job protecting many unarmed civilians.

Demeke and his group are trying to hide behind some fake nonexistent identity question, but we know who they are and what they are doing. They are paid mercenaries of Ethiopian enemies. Those enemies that want Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people to remain backward, poor and hungry so they can steal our natural God given resources. We know there is all kind of issues in Ethiopia just like in any society in the world, but Ethiopia’s enemies are ready to manipulate and inflame any small misunderstanding in Ethiopia.

Florien enemies could not achieve their goal of weakling Ethiopia and dividing the Ethiopian people without traitors like Demeke who can unlock our doors for them from the inside.

Demeke and his core group are under arrest and they are waiting their day in court, but some under cover members of the group are still agitating the unsuspecting people of the town to go out and demonstrate for the release of these common criminals. These are a group of thieves who are responsible for so much pain and agony of the Ethiopian people.

Demeke and his group are not only responsible for the destruction of businesses which are suspected to be owned by government supporters, they are also responsible for tuning the town of Gonder in to a war zone. Gonder is a tourist town and tourism is a great source of income for many families in the town. The town’s reputation is now becoming a lawless “wild wild west”. There are not going to be that many tourists willing to travel to a place where is no peace and hotels are burned down to the ground because their owners might support a political party of their choice.

In the long run Demeke and his group are hurting the people and the town they professed to represent. The people of Gonder should open their eyes and see why these groups of bandits are trying to advantage of their emotions. It is high time for the peace loving local people to realize they will pay the price for the criminals’ hidden agenda.

The battle cry of Demeke and his group, the question of identity in western Tigrai is a disguise for their sinister hidden agenda of dismantling the country. The issue of identity has been answered years ago when the Ethiopian constitution was adopted by the Ethiopian people. The internal borders of the regions can only be changed by going through the appropriate state and federal channels. No group of people or party is above the law in Ethiopia.

The federal government should do a much better job of explaining in a crystal clear manner what it is doing, why, how and when to the people affected by any decision it takes. After enough grassroots discussion and consultation with the public and law makers adopt it in to a law, there should not be compromising for any reason. The government should make sure the law is upholding despite of the consequences. It does not matter if some group of people gets upset or unhappy. If everything is done with full understanding of the public and greater transparency there won’t be that many people who are angry about any government decision. When some are trying to break the law and defy the majority of Ethiopian’s interest, the government should use all available means to apply the full extent of the law. Criminals like Demeke, who are working for our enemies turning the peace loving Ethiopian people against each other should be prosecuted fully and pay for their crimes like any other common bandit.

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