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Sheik Mohamed Alamudispeaks out
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Quote of the day, Those who don't want me to rule them, I don't want them to rule me. Abraha. G. Tigraian
The 4th International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (ICEDS)
Values that we need to pass on to our kids
Dec. 09  2006
New Years Party  in DC
Toronto New Year EVE Party
Bureau makes 310 health posts functional by equipping them with over 4mln birr worth appliances
Ethiopia authorises military action
Ethiopian woman 'exploited in US'
ERITREA blasts USA on Al Jazeera TV
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In Praise of Ethiopians
Ethiopian soldier Since about June of this year, the West has been wringing its hands over what to do about the bin Ladenist take-over of Somalia. Ethiopia knew what to do and had its own six-day war. Here's how the Washington Post puts it today:

Islamic fighters who for six months had enforced a rigid moral code in Mogadishu disappeared, some simply shaving their long beards and vanishing into neighborhoods, witnesses said. "We have been defeated. I have removed my uniform. Most of my comrades have also changed into civilian clothes," one former Islamic fighter told the Reuters news agency. "Most of our leaders have fled."

One more 'graph from the Post: It was clear Thursday night that the complex political dynamics in Mogadishu, and Somalia in general, had been completely reordered by the swift, potent military action by Ethiopia. Its tanks, jets and attack helicopters routed loosely organized Islamic militia units that were armed with little more than rifles and pickup trucks with mounted machine guns.

Of those Islamist leaders now fleeing, Ethiopian leaders say, according to the New York Times report: "the government plans to hunt them down."

Michael Ledeen said on Bill Bennett's radio show this a.m. that this proves yet again, when you fight hard against Islamists, they will crumble--you've just got to allow the fight. Our side is often prepared (we know our military is, obviously the Ethiopians were), Ledeen says, they just trust in Allah and don't think they need to prepare. A version of Semper Fi versus Semper Allah.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned here. But in the meantime, bring in the Prime Minister of Ethiopia (Meles Zenawi), give him a medal of freedom. Then send the Ethiopians to Iraq and Afghanistan. Send 'em to Thailand and Iran. And then anywhere else Osama bin Laden calls his fighters to take over. Read more

Dec. 01  2006
Ethiopia's three banks among Africa's top 100: repo
U.S. calls for lifting of arms embargo for regional force
Meles holds talks with Madeleine Albright
CUD says individuals allied with anti-peace forces do not represent party
Report of The Monitoring Group on Somalia Pursuant To Security Council Resolution 1676
eritrean support to the ICU Of somalia

A. Support from states and arms traders As was the case during the previous mandate, ending in May 2006, the Monitoring Group notes the continuation of an expanding number of states – ten (10) at the writing of this report - providing different types of support to either the TFG or the ICU in violation of the arms embargo...

Eritrean support to the ICU

(a) On 26 April 2006, a shipment of arms consisting of AK 47 assault rifles, PKM machine guns, RPG 7s and a variety of ammunition arrived on a dhow at the seaport of El Ma’an. The arms were from the Government of Eritrea and were destined for the ICU
Read more it gets better!

Dec. 02  2006
Ethiopians meet Somali Islamists
Baidoa Vulnerable, Islamic Courts Tactically Capable
Police vigilant to foil any attempt to disrupt City’s peace, security
Dec. 03  2006
ONLF founder, CC member accuses organization of becoming mercenary of Shaebiya,
Defense force members undertaking development works in Tigray State
Somalis rally against U.S. peacekeeping plan
Donkey Sanctuary's work in Ethiopia, 2nd largest number holder
Somali Islamists detain Italian journalist
Dec. 04  2006
Ethiopia Says It Is at War With Somalia
An aging Ethiopian legend continues to defy nature
“Last chance” to stop a full-scale war in Somalia
Coalition to Protest Outside Eritrean Embassy on Human Rights Day
UNDP to mark 5th Int’l Volunteer Day in Makalle
Dec. 05  2006
Ethiopia's Mengistu verdict due next week
Ethiopian Airlines aims to become top carrier by 2010
Two U.N. workers hurt in Eritrean landmine explosion
Italians Interested in Rare Ethiopian Marble
The Devil is in the Details
TPLF Fighters The galant TPLF fighters who made history. We will remember them forever!!! Glory to them.
Dec. 06  2006
Ethiopia tackles malaria deaths
Somalia's peackeeping conundrum
Zenawi praises German assistance to Ethiopia
Lifeline to Ethiopia
Ethiopian troops moving on Somali supply route: witnesses
Eritrea Does Not Have Troops in Somalia
Dec. 07  2006
Fighting breaks out in Somalia town
Somali peace force 'not invaders'
In search of an Ethiopian Rasta
Economic impact of the pending Somalia civil war
ONLF officials surrender
CUD members say stand of current Chairman on Somalia treasonable
Dec. 08  2006
Ethiopia denies reports on clashes with Somali Islamists
Second day of clashes between Somali Islamists, govt
Ethiopia hails UN resolution on peacekeeping in Somalia
“Eritrean: the ONLY government supporting jihadists”
Somalia’s Islamists and Ethiopian troops on the edge of clashing
Economic impact of the pending Somalia civil war
Jan. 01 2006
Islamic militiamen advance to key town near border with Ethiopia, officials say
Somali regime cites fear of regional war
Bolton Statement on the UNSC Resolution on Somalia (USA)
Ethiopia's Tolossa wins Honolulu Marathon in debut
Ethiopian troops ask Somali residents to cross border to Ethiopia: resident
Denver Ethiopian Community Mourns Mother
North Korea, Turkmenistan, Eritrea the worst violators of press freedom
200 Eritreans Protest outside the Eritrean Embassy in London.
Photos/Report - Eritrean embassy demo on human rights day 8/12/06
Dec. 11  2006
Ethiopia's Mengistu found guilty of genocide
Ethiopia deadline to quit Somalia
Eritrean government: running out of propaganda tricks
Ethiopia Stretches Forth Her Hands into the District
Defensive measure appropriate to reverse threat from Somalia’s UIC
Various dev’t projects underway
NGOs distributing 1.3 mln. birr among farmers
Dec. 12  2006
Ethiopians to reclaim rightful place in world civilization in new millennium:
Somalia’s Islamists and Ethiopia Gird for a War
UN resumes repatriation of Sudanese from Ethiopia
Ethiopia-Eritrea Proxy War in Somalia Risks Broader Regional Conflict
Rights Groups Applaud Ethiopian Genocide Conviction
Zimbabwe says will not extradite former Ethiopian dictator
Not Being Had by al-Itihaad
War in the horn
Dec. 14 2006
Ethiopian PM, Sudanese defence minister discuss Somalia
Nun, politicians help Ethiopian seeking asylum in U.S.
Somali-Ethiopia affairs: Who are the Islamic Courts?
Ethiopian PM says this might be his last term
Somali Islamists vow not to attack government
Eritrea sends envoy to open ties with Iran
Eritrean government’s genocide and terrorism
UTNA stands for the preservation of Ethiopian Unity and National security
Dec. 16 2006
Pride of lions kills 200 Ethiopians in last 2 years
No war with Ethiopia yet: Islamist
Yemen to create peace talks between Islamists and Ethiopia
Former Ethiopia's ruler Mengistu moved from Harare home
Mengistu must face the music, says Zim opposition
Ethiopian flower growers and exporters pin their hopes on Dubai Flower Centre
Eritrea Imposes New Controls on Orthodox Church
Dec. 18 2006
Somali Islamists retreat attack on Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s export volume to China growing rapidly
From Malta to torture and death: Chilling documentary interviews ‘ex-Malta’ deportees
Fears of attack recede in Somalia
Hotels being constructed (Axum)
Dec. 19 2006
Somalia's Islamic militia calls on foreign fighters to join war against Ethiopia
Somali Islamists urge Muslims to join war on Ethiopia
4 million birr Italian tourist lodge goes operational in Hawzen town
Ethiopia denounces Eritrea for being involved in Somalia’s war
Eritrea dismisses rights reports on mass arrests
Eritrean helicopter lands in Saudi, crew seek asylum
Dec. 23 2006
Ethiopia launches airstrikes on Somali towns held by Islamic militants
Ethiopia arrests Briton over drugs hidden in lamps
Myrrh, sure, but good luck finding frankincense in future
Eritrea says US obstructs Darfur’s peace mediation
The surrogate war in Somalia
After Long Patience, NDF Launches Attacks Against Terrorist Positions
Somalia Islamists Should Be Stopped
Over 500 parents of conscripts arrested
Abraham and Eden in DC
Ethiopia says forced into war with Somali Islamists
Dec. 24 2006
Ethiopia bombs 2 airports in Somalia
Ethiopia to use 'any appropriate means' against Somali Islamists
Ethiopia strikes back: Collapse, conflict in Somalia
African states work to share Nile water
Dec. 25 2006
Fundamentalists in Somalia retreating in disarray
Ethiopia predicts victory against Somali Islamists
U.N. Security Council calls emergency meeting on Somalia
Islamic threats follow Ethiopian troop advancement in Somalia
FACTBOX-Tensions in the Horn of Africa
Somalia Calls on Islamists to Surrender
Ethiopia action in Somalia backed
Dec. 26 2006
Ethiopia urged to leave Somalia
Bay Region Commander dies along 350 of his forces in action
Islamists In Somalia Retreat From Ethiopia-backed Forces
Ethiopian, Somali Troops Near Mogadishu
U.S. backs Ethiopians in foray into Somalia
Islamists disappearing in the capital
Somalia fighting unnerves regional press
ICU leaders resign as Ethiopian army nears the capital
Islamists hand over weapons to their clans
Ethiopia Not Planning to Take Control of Mogadishu
Ethiopia's Historic Trail: Quest for the Lost Ark
Dec. 27 2006
Ethiopia claims complete control over Mogadishu
Al-Saqr calls on Ethiopia to withdraw from Somalia
Mogadishu falls to Ethiopian-backed govt troops
Battle-hardened Ethiopians test limits in Somalia
An Ethiopian Lesson on Will
If you talk the talk you should get ready to walk the walk. Tigrai Online
Dec. 28 2006
Ethiopia Advances on Somali Islamists’ Last City
Ethiopia Says It Has No Agenda In Somalia
Ethiopian PM denies U.S. involvement in Ethiopia's counterattacks in Somalia
Ethiopian troops head southwards
Ethiopian jets spark worries
Country and Ethiopia Top Africa in Army Sizes
Locust outbreak threatens agriculture
Happy New Year! my people, where ever you are.
Dec. 30 2006
Eritrea says Ethiopia faking ID cards in Somalia
Ethiopia whips Islamists, bites off more than it can chew...
Somalis flee as Ethiopians close in
Saddam Hussein Hanged to Death Video maybe too graphic for some viewers!!!
Artillery rains down on Somali Islamist bastion
Dec. 31 2006
Somali troops capture Islamic stronghold
Somali government troops backed by Ethiopian tanks and fighter jets captured the last major stronghold of a militant Islamic movement Monday, while hundreds of Islamic fighters — many of them Arabs and South Asians — fled the town.
Government to disarm the capital within three days
Somalia’s Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi has announced on Monday that his government would collect weapons from Mogadishu residents in the capital within three days after completing the disarmament plans that have been worked by the disarmament committed set by the government.
The War on Terror Hits Africa
Once again the Horn of Africa is being drawn into a global power game likely to increase the suffering of its peoples. Ethiopia's attack on Somalia, backed by a nod from George W Bush, is the clearest sign yet that the region in high on the US's agenda in its all-consuming "war on terror".
Eritrea blames Washington for Somalia war
"There is a misrepresentation in the media. This war is between the Americans and the Somali people," Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu told Reuters by telephone.