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civilizations in the horn of Africa
It is the Source of the Geez fidel
Christainity and Islam. Tigrai is the land of Qdoos Yaryed, Axum, Yeha and Wuqro Negash. Tigrai is the land of dauntless Emperors such as:Ezana, Kaleb, Armaha, Abraha, Elamda, ZeraYakob... Yowhaness; Ras Alula, General Hayelom and much more. Tigrai is The home of the Ark of the covenant, the land of the Just, brave, free and fair. We have nothing to apologize, be sorry  or fear for in our history, but we have everything to be proud of !!.
U.N.: Ethiopia may pull back from disputed Eritrea border
ETHIOPIA: Possible pullback of troops from border - UNMEE
Court orders 23 Ethiopian opposition held again
Dec. 01. 2005
Nationals in Atlanta express support for gov’t measures
Ethiopia, Somalia Sign Cooperation Agreement
Over $100 Million Earmarked for Ethiopia's Fight Against HIV/Aids
Ethiopia probes possible bird flu
Three killed in new clashes in central Ethiopia
Ethiopia indefinitely bans live chicken, products import
Ethiopia, Sudan agree to cooperate in peace, security affairs
UN reports troop movements on both sides of Eritrean-Ethiopian border
Dec. 02. 2005
J'lem fears crisis with Ethiopia over soldiers' Eritrea defection
Japan to increase development assistance to Ethiopia
Court orders 9 suspects to stay in custody
Dec. 03. 2005
Eritrea eager to open border
Most dev't projects underway in Tigray resettlement sites go operational
ETHIOPIA: Lack of rain in the eastern Somali region
Eritrea Strategy: Witnessing a United And Egalitarian Ethiopia
For Ethiopian, the ski's the limit
Guraghe Natives Vow to Rally Behind SEPDM
Sudan says talks with Eritrea would not affect Ethiopia
German diplomat urges Ethiopian parties to resolve wrangles peacefully
Dec. 05. 2005
Ethiopian Returnees in Defence of Foreign Aid to Ethiopia
Eritrean president receives a message from Sudanese counterpart
Ethiopian opposition leader says talks with US official unsatisfactory
Dec. 06. 2005
Ethiopia’s parliament determines terms for enquiry panel membership
Swedish-Eritrean journalist sent back to prison in Eritrea
Food security improving in Ethiopia
ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Eritrea threatens to expel some members of UNMEE
US Awards Scholarship to 1,000 Girls
Eritrea to expel UN peacekeepers
Eritrean crackdown on religions
Dec. 07. 2005
Eritrea, Sudan normalize ties, raise diplomatic representation
Sudanese VP Salva Kiir to meet Ethiopian PM Zenawi
U.N.: Eritrea border force endangered
State of the Art (This is about hawna Ayte Brhanemeskal)
ETHIOPIA: Main opposition party calls for dialogue
Ethiopia prepares for war?
Eritrea-Ethiopia war resumption feared
Eritrea Expels U.N. Peacekeepers, Increasing Tension With Ethiopia
Dec. 08. 2005
UN rejects Eritrean expulsion directive
Eritrean move 'cripples' UN role
Ethiopia plays a big role in Sudan peace accord: Salva Kiir
Egypt poll clashes leave six dead
After 70,000 deaths, Eritrea and Ethiopia prepare for war again
Secretary-General condemns eritrea’s decision to expel peacekeepers
Reverend Jackson Appeals for Peace in Ethiopia and Eritrea
ANNAN to send top peacekeeping official and military advisor to Eritrea and Ethiopia
Geologists witness 'ocean birth' in Ethiopia
Kenya's political crisis deepens
Secretary-General on Ethiopia-Eritrea New York, 7 December 2005
Ex-Ethiopian official gets death sentence for 'Red Terror' killings Long over due!.
Figure in Ethiopia 'Red Terror' sentenced to death
Ethiopian Coffee House Opens in Hong Kong
Sudanese-Ethiopian committee to meet Tuesday
Dec. 09. 2005
China sells fighter jets to Sudanese army
Abyssinia Bank Reaps Higher Profits Was there any private bank before EPRDF?  NO.
Mugabe says U.N. envoy "hypocrite and liar"
Ethiopia says to redeploy its forces in compliance with UN resolution Smart move for now.
US warns American travelers of border tension in Eritrea
Sudan’s Beshir, Ethiopia’s Zenawi to meet in Khartoum
UN sends top official to Eritrea over expulsion
Ethiopia to link Sudan via optic fiber telephone line
Ethiopia ready to reduce forces on Eritrean border
Dec. 10. 2005
Fissure opens up in Ethiopian desert; process could take a million years (Maybe sooner)
Guam National Guard's Bravo Company stationed in Ethiopia
Dec. 11. 2005
Miscalculation may lead to Ethiopia-Eritrea war: U.N.
Eye Bank of Ethiopia Implants Corneas for Over 100 Persons
Japan to host int'l forum on African peace in Ethiopia in Feb.
ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: Ease border tension, top UN official urges
UN officials arrive in Ethiopia to discuss Ethio-Eritrea issues
Eritrea dismisses Ethiopia's pullback pledge Mr. Isayass is between a rock and a hard place
UN warning on Horn of Africa war
Ethiopia-Eritrea border: EU to send an urgent diplomatic mission
Ethiopia’s redeployment of troops: A publicity or a move for peace?
Number of Ethiopian, Eritrean refugees entering Sudan rises
Sudanese - Ethiopian ministerial committees to meet 14 December
Dec. 12. 2005
No clemency: Ex-Crips' leader to be executed
Ethiopia opposition CUD MPs take seats in parliament
Meles Says Ethiopia Will Continue Providing Assistance for UNMEE
Ethiopian PM confirms decision to pull back troops
Ethiopian PM: Eritrea will not win anything if a war is started
Ethiopian Airlines provides service to over 462,000 passengers in 3 months
Eritrea 'snubs' UN's peace envoy
Eritrea 'causing tension'
UN peacekeeper kept waiting for Eritrea talks
Dec. 13. 2005
Minister says remarkable results achieved in education institutions
Delegation on working visit to Malaysia
Prosecution presents witnesses against Prof. Mesfin, Dr. Berhanu
UN warns against complacency over Ethiopia-Eritrea war fears
ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: Visiting UN officials delay departure from Asmara
Standoff between UN and Eritrea
Eritrea Refuses Meeting With U.N. Official Diplomacy works better than rudeness
IFJ Condemns Eritrean Authorities Following "Bizarre And Cruel" Reimprisonment
Dec. 14. 2005
Gov't to Press Charges Against 3,000 People
Neighboring woredas of Afar, Tigray States sign dev. agreement
Ethiopia-Eritrea: Two wars and non-stop crisis since 1960
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U.N. to pull Western peacekeepers from Eritrea
UN to pull out Western soldiers from Eritrea
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Security Council relocates peacekeepers from Eritrea to Ethiopia
Ethiopians Ponder Disrupting Their Present to Reclaim Past
CHRONOLOGY-Key events in Ethiopia-Eritrea border row
U.N. Must Face Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Issue, US Envoy Says
ETHIOPIA: Food security improving - FEWS Net
U.N. Western peacekeepers begin pullout from Eritrea
Workshop Promotes "Made in Ethiopia" Projects to Stakeholders
Ethiopia’s Prime Minister in Khartoum on official visit
Sudan, Ethiopia leaders hold talks over economic ties
Dec. 15. 2005
Ethiopian opposition MPs elect acting representative in parliament
Lions Club International helps 196 to regain sights
Ethiopia: Opossition leaders charged with treason, genocide
Ethiopia Plans to Secure 220mln. Usd From Leather Products, Foot Wears Export
Kenya, Ethiopia in joint security meeting
UN completes Western staff exit from Eritrea
Dec. 16. 2005
Credit,Savings Company disburses about 18 million birr loan Mekele
House of Federation to deepen public understanding of constitution
Britain worried over Ethiopia's political turmoil
China to explore oil in western Ethiopia near Sudanese border
Burika and García go unchallenged in Venta de Baños
Ethiopia discusses use of port Sudan
Eritrea Adopts High Risk Strategy on Border Stalemate
Dec. 18. 2005
ETHIOPIA-ERITREA: EU envoy urges rethink on UNMEE restrictions
Ethiopian Ambassador Welcomes Comments by Top U.S. Africa Official
Corrugated iron sheet factory inaugurated in Tigray state
Federal Police moves over 2,600 detainees
projects under execution with over 3.6mln birr in Adwa town
Health Science College campus built with over 100mln birr goes operational
Dec. 19. 2005
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