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Dr Berhanu Nega: A Minnow Political Merchant

By Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Online October 31, 2014

Dr. Berhanu Nega talks to President Isaias Afworki on the phone

Reading Dr Berhanu’s recent Seattle interview with one of the toxic websites was very side-splitting indeed.  Among other things, the leader of G-7, a charity-cum-terror group, claimed that Andargachew’s arrest has ‘’sparked anger’’ in the Diaspora as well as in Ethiopia. It is quite true that a handful of impressionable members of the outlawed terror group in the US and Europe went to the streets but the fast majority stayed at home implicitly approving the measures taken by the government against the deputy leader of G-7.  Residents of Addis have also endorsed the master stroke because their boulevards have now been made safer as the menace that caused the death and mutilation of many innocent people by planting landmines in public venues has been taken out of circulation.

Dr Berhanu went on to say that he wouldn’t consider establishing a base in Ethiopia until his terror group builds its’ fighting capacity’ in Eritrea. The worthless and timid doctor is now telling us that the organisation he established in 2008 pledging to remove ‘’Woyane’’ within six months has not still developed its military capabilities six years after its formation. Despite the massive Eritrean financial and logistics infusion, G-7 has failed to execute its master’s agenda of preventing the spectacular sustained economic growth that has been taking place in Ethiopia over the last two decades.

Dr Berhanu is simply in this lucrative venture to line his pockets and not out of concern for justice and democracy in Ethiopia where three successful general elections have taken place since the removal of the military government. The fact is that Dr Berhanu is on Esayass’s payroll to execute the dictator’s unattainable desire to dismember Ethiopia. It isn’t just possible the despot would finance the leader of G-7 to instigate pluralism in Ethiopia when authoritarianism is the mode of governance in Eritrea.

The chief of G-7 is so desperate for power and money; he is prepared to align himself with a heartless dictator responsible for the exodus of hundreds and thousands of Eritrean youth that have become generators of hard currency for Arab Bedouins and source of nutrients for deep sea fish. But above all the head of the proscribed organisation has committed a treasonous act by associating himself with an enemy who is ceaselessly working to destroy the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.  It was also the despot that ordered the bombing of Ayder School that resulted in the death of young children while they were attending lessons. As Dr Berhanu and his followers openly flaunt their anti-Tigrayan stance, this tragic and barbaric occurrence wouldn’t dissuade them from collaborating with a cold blooded murderer.            


Whenever Dr Berhanu is placed under pressure by his handler, he calls for a united front to topple ‘Woyane’ as this would ensure the continuous flow of ill-gotten dollars.  A while back, a common front was formed between G-7 and one of the strands of Oromo Liberation Front but the unholy alliance shrivelled before it got off the ground. Once again the heat is on him and during his latest interview, he mentioned his grand plan to ‘’ bring G-7, Ethiopian Patriots (EP) and TPDM into one fold.’’

It is an open secret that EP was dissolved by Esayass as its leaders were not performing to their instructors expectations. The Eritrean dictator was also responsible for the assignation of TPLF turncoat Fesseha who was the first leader of TPDM although Dr Berhanu is claiming that ‘’Fesseha was killed during an argument with an Eritrean known for having mental sickness.’’ Some members of G-7 are languishing in Eritrean prison but their leader has remained silent in order to remain on the good side of his superior. But when he was pushed to come clean on the issue, Dr Berhanu denied the existence of prisoners as he was instructed to do so.  It wouldn’t be surprising if the good doctor calls a press conference and mimic his daddy’s assertions  that the Lampedusa victims were not Eritreans or Haile Woldetensae (Durue) and Petros Solomon were ‘’Woyane’’ moles.

TPDM’s rank and file members are by in large Eritreans. Tigray has already been liberated by Woyane and Dr Berhanu, who does not have a significant following, is simply positioning to strike an alliance with mercenaries to help the ostracised tyrant oust a democratically elected government in Ethiopia. Esayass is simply travelling to an extraordinary length to expedite the downfall of ‘’Woyane’’ by any means feasible; but the supremely formidable organisation that has placed him in a straight jacket is capable of crushing enemies that endanger the stability and territorial integrity of the country it has converted into an economic and military power house of the Horn Region. What the tyrant can’t and will not dare do is initiate a full fledge war as he knows full well that it would be the end of him this time around. In the meantime, Dr Berhanu can continue to blow hot air from his comfort zone but ‘’Woyane’’ has no time for losers as it is fully engaged in devising mechanisms that would propel the country into the next level of economic prosperity.

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