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A Reflection on the Strategic and Final (Last Resort) Option of the “Ethiopian Republic of Tigray”

The campaign against Tigrai is being formalized by all levels of Ethiopian governments
Tigrai people want to secede from Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Dismal Ranking in the Global Peace Index (GPI)

Global Peace Index 2019 Executive Summary Anne Testuz for GPI/ Institute for Economics and Peace

Ethiopia could fragment on regional and religious lines like Yugoslavia

Possible Coercive Decision on Tigray and Its Double-Crossing Pitfalls By Taddisu Aberaha (MA in International Relation)

Ethiopian Prime Minister is mediating in Sudan while Ethiopia is in a verge of collapse


Alarming ethnic based attacks and targeted killings of civilians in Ethiopia

Professor Asmerom Legesse’s Ahistorical Analysis and Psychological Profile of Emperor Yohannes IV

Ethiopian government is blocking students from leavening their universities

The Rise of Dark Forces in Ethiopia: Alarming Situation

This Weeks News

Sudan military rulers say they rejected proposal from Ethiopian PM to hold negotiations in Addis Ababa

May 28, 1991 and the Speech which the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed should have given

Ethiopian citizenship without ethnicity is empty and Ethnicity without Ethiopian citizenship is blind

Support and donate Tigrai political prisoners like Major General Kinfe Dangew
General Kinfe Dangew

The first congress of Sebhidri Civil Society was successfully concluded abroad

Eritrea celebrates its 28th independence day as calls for more freedom get louder.


Ethiopian prime minister throws $173,000 a seat lavish dinner party in Addis Ababa

Ethnicity and Freedom of Movement in Ethiopia

Abiy Ahmed Ali preparing to invade Afar Regional State in Ethiopia

Ethiopianity is a mosaic of Ethnicities

Third Circular Call For Papers For the Journal Of Tigraian Culture And Development

Getachew Assefa a revered hero of our generation

Ethiopia is led by pseudo leaders who are neither charismatic nor competent.

Is Eritrea next in the regime change sweeping the Horn of Africa?

Professor Asmerom Legesse: hate spewing exponent of tyrannical regime


Registration form for participants of the Second International Festival of Diaspora Tegaru 2019

Ras Alula Development Association 14th Anniversary in Las Vegas, NV July 9, 2019
Ras Alula Development Association 14th Anniversary in Las Vegas