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Four People Die After Ethiopian Muslims mob Attack Police StationChurch burned by muslim mob file photo
Four people lost thier life in southeastern Ethiopia when Muslim protesters attacked a police station following the arrest of a preacher, said State Minister of Communications Shimeles Kemal. “A certain imam, an Islamic fundamentalist, had been trying to instigate jihad,” said Shimeles. “When police arrested him, his supporters tried to get him released forcefully.” Read More

Isaias Afewerki: his ‘rude health’ and its rude awakening
First of all, is there a smoking-gun in the claim? Judging from the fact that Isaias has a history of liver cancer, for which he is frequently hospitalized in Doha, Qatar, the rumour does have a smoking-gun. What is difficult to ascertain now, however, are answers to two equally crucial questions? First, has his doctors given him an ‘expiry date’ and if yes would that not tally with the news of the convergence in Asmara of his mother, cousins and nieces from all over the world? Dilwenberu Nega Read More

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May 01, 2012

HP Opens First Office in Ethiopia Hewlett Packard Laptop Computer
Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) started operations in Ethiopia, with an official ceremony in Hilton Addis Abeba Hotel, on April 26, 2012, celebrating the opening of its first office in the country. HP has its own distributors in Ethiopia, and they will still be part of the distribution channels of the company.

Esayass Afewrqi: Johnnie Walker 'connoisseur'
No doubt in my mind that the rumours of his demise were indeed the work of the desperate tyrant himself and no one else’s. The man is desperate as his grip on power is waning slowly but surely. He was simply trying to measure the level of his popularity among his own people especially those in the Diaspora, who are still bank rolling him

April 30, 2012

Ethiopian runners win in Hamburg and Dusseldorf marathon
The British multinational grocery and retailer, Tesco may enter the Ethiopian market
The Improtance Of Eating a Healthy Breakfast

April 29, 2012

Four Ethiopians and one Pakistani killed by gunmen in Gambella: official
Ethiopian Airlines Sponsors South African Tour Group
The most repressive nation on Earth is Eritrea

April 28, 2012

The president-for-life of Eritrea appears on TV after missing for a month
Unity of Tigraians from where to where? (Tigrigna pdf)
Somali refugees in Ethiopia’s Dollo Ado exceed 150,000

April 27, 2012

Ethiopia Licenses 64 Billion Birr Worth Investment Projects in 9 Months
Where is Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki?
Ethiopian Takes Delivery of the Second 737-800 Sky Interior Aircraft
Traveller's Guide: Ethiopia
A British double-decker bus becomes a student cafe in Ethiopia

April 26, 2012

African textile & garment sector attracts investment

April 25, 2012

Shabiya kidnapped prople from Humera, Tigrai State
Shabiya agents kidnapped 140 people from Humera, Tigrai
Read More
Ethiopian Pilots Complete Training for 787 Dreamliner
Amharic article about Gambela

A Film Depicting Post-famine Ethiopia Screened in DC.

Egypt worried the grand ethiopian renaissance dam will cause water shortage

April 24, 2012

Holland car an Ethiopian car assmpling company to open a branch in DRC
Tahounia – A young Ethiopian Model doing brilliantly in London
REST- Fighting and Defeating Poverty

April 23, 2012

Eritrea president ill health claim a ‘CIA fairytale’

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