Shaebiya's bold hypocracy,Siweldu Ayehu Bila Betetwan Talech

By Henok Gamlak

Feb. 05 2008

The rogue government of Shaebya that is ruling its people with an iron fist has released a cautionary message to Eritreans who, due to the repressive nature of shaebya itself, are forced to reside in Kenya. This message simply reveals the hypocrite nature of the ruling junta. These people are living there escaping the totalitarian regime in Eritrea. Many of the Eritrean refugees in Kenya are ex-shaebya soldiers who boycotted the regime and other opposition members living in a relatively peaceful and democratic government. I am sure if the regime happens to apprehend these people, it will throw them in jail incommunicado for 'treason' and 'betrayal'.

Sjaebya is rather doing this to soften the hardened heart of Eritreans who are turning their buck against Isayas and his cychophants.

It is common for democratic countries such as America and others caring much about the welbeing of their countries in times of natural and man-made calamities.Shaebya is simply doing this to pretend that it also cares for the lives of Eritreans in Kenya and other parts of the world. It is a bold hypocracy. What is really happening to the people of Eritrea in the current Eritrea does not attest what shaebya is claiming in its

It simply reminds one of what is said to the young of a goat (mahsiE): Siweldu Ayehu Bila Betetwan Talech.

Shabya does not have the moral efficiecny to claim that it cares for the security of these same people who are persecuted for their belief, ethnicity and refusal of forced conscription.

Peace to all

Important Notice to Eritrean nationals in Kenya
By Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Feb 5, 2008, 13:14

All Eritrean nationals residing in Kenya are hereby advised to limit their movement and be cautious of possible damage that might be inflicted on their life and property as a result of the escalating crisis in that country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Click here to read the notice in the Eritrean Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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