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President Abdi Mohomud Omar: Somali State president is a kind of man

By Mohamed Abdidheere, Jijiga Ethiopia
Tigrai Online, July 31, 2018


A decade ago, in fik town, president Abdi MohomudOmar said “If we will not bring progress change I pledge in front of you that we will leave and resign”. At the time he was saying that he was security and justice head of Somali region. Despite mr Abdi inherited corrupted system where anti peace elements dominate the whole system, mr Abdi had a can-do attitude. Most of the police forces were loyal to anti peace elements. Clear policy or mechanism to fight anti peace elements was not in place. Public perception towards fighting anti peace elements was not favor to government. People believed arms of anti peace elements are fighting with Christian government.

Insecurity challenged the region to benefit the constitutional and to enjoy a peaceful live where their children’s access education, health or clean water.  Towns and districts were disconnected. One could not reach to the next woreda without military escort. People killed by anti peace elements included students, elders, mothers and children who were committed none but only refused to work with them. Also development agents like doctors, engineers, teachers were included those who become a victim of the anti peace elements.

But this trend and tendency was fundamentally changed during the last seven years. Security was fully realized making roads busy with both public and private transports that link major towns of the region in mass on daily basis. Three months ago I visited kebri dahar, I counted more than 12 modern buses full of passengers.

A million dollar question is thus why insecurity remained so embedded in the region for so long; and how it was solved within this short period of time. The answer is seemingly simple. Instability is primarily a product of a spoiled system which ultimately emanate from impiety of basically political elites. Contrary to this fundamental shift in thinking and tactics employed to solve regions basic problems.

The incumbent president of the region mr Abdi MohomudOmar determined to end the chaos and foment of anti peace elements. To do so fool proof was then developed for a final fix. It was actually from there from where all followed interesting events emerged. Among the mechanisms the region developed was establishing the special force of the region who have dislodged and degrade the anti peace elements. Finally towns and villages that once fortress for evil and insane forces is now a vibrant trade center.



For the last eight years that somali region has been under the leadership of the incumbent leader mr Abdi Mohomudmohomud Omar: Ethiopian somali region  has registered a steady progress in the areas of basic development, security and good governance. Roads, bridges, hospitals and water dams have built for the last eight years. Another miracle or remarkable stride took by Somali region is enlarging the structure of the government. In 2002 e.c when the incumbent president took the highest office of the region the number of districts was 52 districts with no functional administration. The number civil servants of the 52 woredas were less than one thousand. By all accounts a bottom up approach is the best governance system that can give service to local people. Based on this Ethiopian Somali region has increased the number of woredas from 52 to 192 districts. In addition to this, twenty eight city council administrations have added the system. All the credit of these miracle achievements goes to the incumbent president mr Abdi MohomudOmar. By respecting and admiring the talent and commitments of the president I can say once again the history and legacy of president Abdi MohomudOmar is filled with examples of achieving impossible and realizing what is hard to others. To be honest with everyone president Abdi MohomudOmar is a kind of man.


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