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Ginbot 7 and it's twin ENTC resorts to fake photos

Tigrai Online, July 23, 2012

Ginbot 7 and its supporters turn to fake photos to confuse people

Ginbot 7 hired Photoshop experts to produce a fake photo of Prime minster Meles Zenawi in a hospital bed but with a little bit of detective work their lie is exposed. It shows how desperate they are to convince the Ethiopian people Meles is dead. How embarrassing for an organization and its supporters to be consumed by their hate for one man. Their campaign of distortion and poisonous propaganda is showing how politically defeated and morally bankrupt they are.

Matthew Owens in a hopital
Mr. Matthew Owens in a hospital bed after sever beating

The photo above shows Matthew Owens from the state of Alabama USA, after he was beat up by a group people. On April 21, 2012 after exchanging racial slurs with a group of black youths, Matthew Owens ran into his home, grabbed two knives and returned to the front yard wielding the blades, minutes later a group of balck people beat him up so bad he ended up in the hospital.

Photoshop faked picture of PM Meles
Photoshop fake picture of PM Meles serculating in facebook

The fake picture above combined Matthew Owens body and Prime Minister’s head using Photoshop to make it look like the Prime Minister is on his death bed. They didn't even care to cover the tattoo on the left shoulder. If you can’t support your propaganda with real evidence why not create one. In the world of Ginbot 7 anything goes as long as it leads to Menlik palace.

Other News Round Up For Today

Ethiopia Earns $654 Million from Mineral Exports

Ethiopia has earned 654 million US dollars from the export of minerals including gold, platinum, tantalum and decorative stones and gem stones in the just concluded fiscal year according to the Ministry of Mines.

The mining sector is becoming a significant source of export income according to Bacha Fuji Director of the Public Relations and Communications Directorate with the ministry.

Ethiopia arrests six Saudis in Addis Ababa distributing money

Ethiopian authorities arrested Sunday six Saudis for distributing charity to Muslims in Addis Ababa, saying their act amounted to a form of terror financing.

A senior official at the Saudi Embassy in Addis Ababa told Al-Watan Arabic daily over telephone that all six Saudis were detained while distributing donations.

A lawyer appointed by the Saudi Embassy is following up with investigations and trying to get the Saudis released.

Authorities impounded last week’s edition of the Feteh newspaper

Ethiopia’s government blocked the distribution of a newspaper that featured front-page news about Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s health and Muslim protests for national security reasons, Justice Minister Berhanu Hailu said.

Authorities impounded last week’s edition of the Feteh newspaper after prosecutors invoked a 2008 law that permits them to seize a publication that may present a “clear and present grave danger to the national security,” according to the Ethiopian Law Network website. “It’s under investigation,” Berhanu said today in a phone interview from the capital, Addis Ababa. “It’s based on unfounded facts.”

Sudans Discuss Concession on Oil

South Sudan offered concessions to Sudan that would waive billions of dollars in debt and increase the amount it is willing to pay to use Sudan's oil pipelines. But Sudan said Monday it wants to tackle security issues first.

The proposal, issued Sunday during the latest round of talks in Ethiopia between the two countries, raised the possibility that they will be able to work through a deadlock and reach an agreement by the United Nations Security Council's Aug. 2 deadline. 

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