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The usual ballooning by the bellicose regime in Asmara

By Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington, DC,
Tigrai Onlne - February 04, 2014

The usual ballooning by the bellicose regime in Asmara

It could be vehemently declared that the single most, phenomenal issue that has captured unanimity in its entirety that has brought the world together is its concerted voice of concern and worry against the broad daylight acts of brigandage, hooliganism and gangsters' behavior of the Eritrean regime.

The wicked measure of vandalism as corroborated by its actions has been the unabashedly shameful and perfidious act of destabilization in the horn region and beyond, decidedly and flagrantly championed by the international pariah in Asmara.

The despicable and notorious thugs at the helm of the political power in the tiny nation of Eritrea have in a bid of self-delusionary military adventure, amassed conscripts in the hills and valleys of Eritrea earning their recluse nation a modern barbarity armed to the teeth.

Devoid of the sheer capacity to shoulder and bear the harsh repression and draconian rule unleashed by the regime of Asmara, braving mines, electric barbed-wires and “shoot-to-kill- on-the-spot” orders by the country’s Gestapo, Eritreans of all walks of life are flocking to neighboring Sudan, Ethiopia and beyond, crossing the borders and risking their dear lives.

The world community after having patiently tried all diplomatic and peaceful venues to advise Eritrea to stop its unwarranted meddling, intervention, provocation, open hostilities, arrogance and out-right contempt to international, continental and regional organizations and respected leaders, has taken effective measures to deter such manifestations.

It is against this stark backdrop that the Ethiopian government has designed a new Eritrean policy to effectively thwart all acts aimed at destabilization and other related terrorist moves against its people and the current multi-faceted development ventures disdainfully perpetrated by the rogue regime of that country.

The world is adequately aware and sufficiently informed that Eritrea needs to desist and refrain from its evil acts of destabilizing the region by abetting, supporting and harboring international terrorists and recalcitrant regional extremist cohorts and fringe Diaspora extremist elements.


However, the nefarious regime in Asmara, instead of heeding to the concerted voice of the globe has chosen to be the defiant bad kid. As if the concepts of respect of territorial integrity of other nations and desisting from auguring and supporting criminals are conspicuously absent both from the Eritrean lexicography and political culture, it has come up with the usual cliché of shying accountability by boldly claiming that it is US hostility and not Eritrean rigidity that is responsible for the sour relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

It is abundantly clear that it was Eritrea that abrogated the Algiers peace accord by abolishing the two most cardinal pillars of the agreement i.e. forcibly adjourning the UN forces deployed as a watch dog to the Ethiopia-Eritrea boarder and the subsequent and immediate occupation of the 25-mile buffer zone inside Eritrea proper.

Needless to argue, the Ethiopian government although aware of Eritrea's intransigence quietly chose to seek a lasting peace to the Ethiopia-Eritrea fallout in its entirety by initiating and putting on the table for the need for dialogue of the two sides to decidedly resolve any outstanding issue. The response on the Eritrean side has so far been negative in violation of civilized norms of international practice. This Ethiopian timely stand has been hailed in no uncertain terms by the global community all but to the ultimate isolation of Eritrea.

Eritrea does not seem to get the message though. Only in its recent press statement it wildly accuses both Ethiopia and the US of conniving to distort the implementation of the agreement. Eritrea went to claim that it has an impeccable record in fighting extremism and terrorism.

Does fighting terrorism mean colluding with Al-shabab? Does fighting terrorism mean abetting and supporting terrorists to sabotage the AU Summit in Addis Ababa? Does fighting extremism mean supporting Ethiopian Extremists by apportioning budgetary allocation from the coffers of the Eritrean tax payers?

If Eritrea is to come out of the cold and be salvaged as a regular member not a pariah state on the international arena, it needs to shake away its delusionary machismo and get awaken from its slumber as the world has traversed far.

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