PFDJ axis of evil train runs out of steam and crashes before reaching Addis Ababa
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PFDJ axis of evil train runs out of steam and crashes before reaching Addis Ababa

Tigrai Online, Ethiopian News, August 20, 2016

Ethiopian opposition and Eritrean supporters
Eternal arch enemies like the chauvinists, OLF, ultra right wing unionists, Derg riffraff and PFDJ, who couldn’t see eye to eye any other time decided to work together against Ethiopia. They are trying to create small countries out of Ethiopia where they will be bigger country because now they are tiny and they feel threaten.


The hodge-podge group concocted by the PFDJ in Eritrea has deflated less than two months after it started. The leader of the group Dr. Birhanu Nega of Ginbot-7 was providing leadership from Asmara to the illegal demonstrations against the Ethiopian nation. He repeatedly encouraged his sleeper cells and supporters to go after “supporters of the regime in Ethiopia” that is code speak to attack one ethnic group. Imagine if the same was done to every member and suspected member of Ginbot-7 in Ethiopia. The Eritrean foot soldiers managed to confuse some Ethiopians and orchestrated the destruction of human life and businesses in Gonder and some other parts of Ethiopia.

The enemy’s false sense of victory brought them to the open celebrating the destruction of Tigraian lives and burning Tigraian owned businesses. They looted and loaded their trucks with refrigerators, power generators, beds, sheets, dining tables, doors, windows, alcoholic beverages, food, clothing, and other valuables, and then they burned the houses and hotels. The marauders marched throughout the main streets of Gonder showing their booty and they sang and danced on the blood of our brothers and sisters all night and all days while the people watched from the sidelines.   

Birhanu and Isaias were crossing their fingers the illegal activities will continue spreading to the rest of the country, unfortunately for Birhanu Nega and his backers, the Ethiopian people refused to be instruments of their enemies against their own country. Rest assured those responsible for the crimes in Gonder and DebariK will pay not only now, but for years to come.

The enemies of the Ethiopian people were beaten on their own destructive games and were sent running to their hiding place, the shameful cave called PFDJ land.

The recent disturbance didn’t achieve anything except exposing the enemies of the Ethiopian people just like the previous demonstrations a few years ago. As a result of these latest criminal activities, valuable lessons have been learned and things will not be the same ever again. One fact is clear to all friends and foes, Ethiopia will not fall and breakup into pieces because the PFDJ and Egypt wished it to breakup. The internal political and social problems are not reason enough to destroy a country. Ethiopians have gone many difficult times in their history and they still maintained the integrity of their country.

We can also see an intended positive response to the events in Gonder last month. Our people are fully alert and there is lively discussion going on among Ethiopians. The process to weed out the bad seeds out of our society has already begun.  

Eternal arch enemies like the chauvinists, OLF, ultra right wing unionists, Derg riffraff and PFDJ, who couldn’t see eye to eye any other time decided to work together against a common enemy, the nation of Ethiopia. As you can see on the above picture the sworn enemies of Ethiopia are openly displaying their solidarity, but there is one flag not visible to the naked eye but it is there in a big way and that flag is the Egyptian flag. However, the temporary love affair is turning into a bitter divorce because it is based only on hatred.

Even if they were able to unseat the EPRDF government they would have ended up in the same destination a place called crush and burn. The only thing common to all of them is their hate of the Ethiopian government and if they don’t have anyone to fight with, they will go after each other’s throat.

This is a peaceful demonstration Gonder style. Then they went on looting unarmed businesses houses.

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