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Ethiopia and the Sudan agreed to establish joint military force

Tigrai Onlne - April 09, 2014

Ethiopia and the Sudan agreed to establish joint military force

Ethiopia and the Sudan agreed to establish joint forces to secure their common border. The two countries share a long porous border. The Sudan has been aligning itself with Ethiopia since it announced it complete support for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. The agreement is meant to help the two countries defend themselves from any external aggression and cross border terrorist threat.

Ethiopian defense Minister,  Siraj Fegessa while reporting the ministry's six-month performance report was quoted by the Reporter, "Giving priority to neighbouring countries, we have made agreements with these nations in the region to prepare a joint plan aimed at ensuring and safeguarding our common borders save with Eritrea. The agreements include working jointly in the field of education, training, experience sharing, and on common issues to work together on peace and security demands in the region".

The importance of this military agreement between the Sudan and Ethiopia could not be stressed enough in light of the recent military agreement between Egypt and South Sudan.

Even though an attack against Ethiopia by the Egyptians is a very remote, the danger from the Egyptian mercenaries like Shabiya, Ginbot-7 and Al-Shabab is real. The Defense Minister when he was asked if the Ethiopian armed forces are ready to protect the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) from any possible attack, Siraj told MPs, "I never believe there will be any direct attack on the dam."

"For us our main focus is not about establishing nuclear power or any biological weapon. We are rather committed primarily on fighting our worst enemy, which is poverty."
The Ethiopian Defense Minister was asked by an MP how much ready the country was to defend itself from any form of biological or nuclear aggression. "Regarding the defense of any nuclear attack, my reaction is nothing" Siraj went on. "Even those countries who have nuclear warheads do not know how to defend themselves” he said.

According to a study by Global Fire Power, Ethiopia is ranked as the strongest military power in Sub Saharan Africa. The Egyptian army is number one in Africa. The study says they use over 40 factors to determine each country's power index. The study indicated more than 24 million Ethiopians are fit for military service. The Global Fire Power study added “Ethiopia is building one of the most power military forces in the continent and the rate with which it is building its military might is astonishing”.

The military agreement between Ethiopia and the Sudan is a welcome news to all peace loving people in the Horn of Africa and one more heart break to the Eritrean regime and it’s terrorist puppets.


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