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Biniam deserve national award, not Accusation and prison

By Wurayna Magazine, Tigrai Online, August 5, 2018

Saving a wisdom that can benefit Ethiopia Facts about the contract related to Biniam Tewelde accusation


1 Back ground

Some actors are releasing information related to cyber talent management program, which was supported to be a secret program, for a bad cause. it is time to share the story to the masses so that the inspiration, wisdom and the truth about the program can be shared. it is through sharing, the program's wisdom become national capability.        

The inspiration about the cyber talent management program emanates from the national cyber power vision which aspires to make Ethiopia one of the internationally competitive cyber power countries by 2025. In order to achieve this vision in a dynamic, complex and disruptive cyber environment, focusing on developing human capabilities  was identified as the core strategy. 

Even though the cyber environment demands a paradigm of high level of self-awareness and self-confidence ,proactively, creativity , openness and dynamism, lateral networking  and internal locus of central ,the existing paradigm at the level of external locus of central, reactivity, dependency stability and antagonistic relationship. Therefore, the human development was made to focus of human on transforming the paradigm (psychological structure).further for since the gab between the existing national paradigm, conceptual and technical capabilities and the demand of international cyber environment is huge, a creature way of transformation was chosen to shape the human development efforts. The way is tipping point transformation which uses minimal input to cause extraordinary output.

Two critical initiatives were designed to create a human development capability that aligns with the above concepts. The first one was an effort to establish a national cyber talent development institution. 

The objective of the first initiative was to convince the government and legally establish a government institute that focus on the special development of cyber talent.

The second initiative was the building of national cyber talent management capability. On this regards, a generic national cyber talent management system which comprises of inspiration, cultivation, discovering selection, development, utilization and mobilization was developed in house. 

And the system was implemented in high school and universities. And two round of cyber talent selection and development programs were conducted using INSA's in house capabilities. And after analyzing the gaps and the vision, a strategic decision was made to partner with an international competitive cyber country on this area in order to make a tipping point transformation.     

First diplomatic channel was attempted with the countries (Israel,U SA ,china Russia) but this failed. Then the normal business channel was utilized to find a partner.

2.1 over all definition፡ cyber talent management is a process that selects cyber talent that fulfills the criteria such as relatively moderate level of internal locus of central proactively, openness and learning, passion for cyber area & cyber way of thinking and develops the talent to the human becomes a critical mass that can make a game-changer role in the international cyber environment. The talents become internationally competitive through the cyber talent management process. 

2.2 objective of the cyber talent management program _Creat human capability that enables the country continuously design and execute national cyber talent management that align with the tipping point transformation philosophy (talent management human) - Build the conceptual and systemic foundation of the cyber talent management organization through establishing selection and development scheme. - Test the concepts and practical experience through running a pilot talent selection and development process.

2.3 principles - use every opportunity to build internal national capability. - Work jointly with the partner to come up with a solution that aligns with our context. 

2.4  main component of cyber talent management program -Conducting strategic need analysis. -Development of strategic concept paper for national cyber talent management. -Development of curriculum for short term and long term talent development. -Development of content for talent development courses. --Mobilization of professional resources from the partner company. --Design of selection process of talents. -Conducting the psychometrics based selection (selecting 30 talent from a pool of 2000 candidates). -Mobilization of trainers from the partner company . -Preparation of talent development facility including cyber-range from the partner company. -conducting theoretical and on job training for curriculum development. -Conducting theoretical and on job training for strategic concept paper development. -Conducting theoretical and on job training for content development. -Conducting theoretical and on job training for design of selection process and psychometric tool design. -Conducting theoretical and on job training for the execution of the selection process which comprises of tests, interview, observation, group exercise....... -Conducting pilot talent training -Conducting Accompaniment support. 

2.5 company selection 

2.5.1 Process -The company selection process was conducted based on the legal procedure of the organization. 

2.5.2 Israel's experience A company called Avorniga is selected to connect and mobilize talent related resources in Israel. Israel a country with less quantity of population but with tremendous national security threat, has rich experience in exploiting its human capabilities. Especially the 1973 Yem-Kipur, where Israel was surprised by the attack from Egypt, triggered Israel to build game-changer intelligence and high-tech capabilities. To achieve this, Israel initiated special talent selection and development program such as the talpiot, talpiot human, Atuda mamram ....programs, with 40 years of effort, these programs enabled Israel built an internationally competent unit called 8200 (Israel's NSA) that plays a critical role in safeguarding the nation, enabled Israel built a malti-billion hi- tech industry and enabled Israel become a cyber- power nation. 

The selection of an Israeli an company with the optimum network enabled INSA get access to the defense and security sector, unique talent programs, Israel cyber industry and the universities. The inspiration was to creat a quantum leap that enables Ethiopia achieve its vision within 8 years, what Israel has achieved in 40 years. By the way the company Avorniga started its business relatively with ISNA from the establishment of INSA .it has conducted many projects with INSA. It got its first contract from INSA when our current pm was the director of information Assurance Directorate. Its fist award was from this directorate. 

2.6 Execution of the program. 

2.6.1 Resource mobilization - Due to the continual pressing demand of INSA and responsiveness of the company, more than 50 talented Israel an experts from the following areas were made to actively participate in the program. -IDF -8200(Intelligence and cyber unit) -IDF communication -IDF signal corp -Talpiot main program -Talpiot intelligence program -pilot psychometric unit -Atuda program -Mamram program -Tel-Aviv university -Hebrew university -Ariel university -Haifa university -Cyber companies 

2.6.2 Areas and Disciplines incorporated -in order to design the concept paper, curriculum, content and selection system, the following disciplines of areas were analyzed and incorporated. -Neuroscience -philosophy -physics -psychology -positive psychology -creativity -change and leadership - self and depth psychology -education and learning -sociology -Talent development (Generic and Israel-content) 

- chaos theory and quantum physics

-complex and dynamic system

- cyber warfare

- Mathematics

-Electromagnetic spectrum

- Cryptography

-Cyber intelligence 

-Signal and protocol analyses

- Psychometrics

• Paradigm, assumptions, dualities and paradox, theories, and models of the different areas were analyzed to come up with a long in talent selection and development.

2.6.3 Status of the program

The following component of the program are already finalized 

-strategic need analysis

-Development of strategic concept paper for talent management 

-Development of short term and long term talent development programs.

-Development of content for the talent development courses.

-Design of selection system and psychometric tools.

-Conducting psychometrics based selection process(selecting 30 talents out of 2000).

-Implementation of new psychometric tools.

- Mobilization of Israeli an professional.

-Preparation and mobilization of trainers.

-Preparation of talent development facility.

-Conducting theoretical and on job training for strategic concept paper development.

-Conducting theoretical and on job training curriculum development.

-Conducting theoretical and on job training for content development.

-Conducting theoretical and on job training for design of selection system and psychometric tools.

- Conducting training for execution of psychometrics selection system.

Currently the pilot talent training session is being executed. It will be finalized after one- month. The accompaniment support will be executed as planned. 

2.6.4 Scope

Due to the effort of the INSA leadership and technical team, the program's scope has extended to include critical capabilities beyond the contract. Even though the scope of the contract was limited to cyber-defense area, the program was enriched to incorporate cyber- defense, cyber-offence and cyber- exploitation area. The team succeeded to incorporate cyber hacking, cryptanalysis, intelligence analysis, signal analysis areas. Even though, in the contract only technical capabilities were included, due to the effort, holistic capabilities that comprises of paradigm-shift, self awareness and transformation, fast learning, creativity, emotional intelligence, leadership, cyber paradigm, disruptive knowledge creation, generic programming learning, cyber- environment,  cyber disruption, cyber security, code breaking, intelligence analysis, signal analysis, protocol analysis, mathematics, and electromagnetic spectrum were included in program. The psychometrics system was made to include locus of control, level of self-awareness, personality, emotional intelligence which were not part of the contract were included in the program.

Even though the scope of the contract was to prepare cyber defense warriors, during the implementation the program's scope was enriched to prepare cyber offence warrior cyber intelligence warrior, cyber entrepreneurs, cyber technology developers, and cyber leaders.

2.6.5 Achievements 

The program has exceeded its expectations with regards to objective of creating human capability for designing and executing cyber talent management. More than 50 INSA leaders and experts took more than 7 theoretical and on-job trainings. Capability to conduct need analysis, design talent selection system, design talent development model, design talent development system, design curriculum and content that aligns with the tipping point transformation philosophy, execute psychometrics based selection system, and execute talent management was built. These Ethiopians professionals not only built capability but they also played a game- changing role in the program. They made a great contribution in the program. Retaining and utilizing these leader, and experts is the optimum way to sustain and the transcend the program. With regards to building conceptual and systemic foundation for the cyber talent management systems such as paradigm shifting change model, quantum leap talent development model, talent selection system, short term and long term talent development curriculums, and content mere development. A unique and disruptive paradigm- shifting change model, called Z - Raf model that is based on chaos theory, complex dynamic system, theory U and dialogic change was designed.

This change model is aimed at bringing a shift from lower paradigm (habitual) to higher program (integrative - cyber).The model comprises of fire- waved such as chaos, Discontinuity, insight, crystallizing and Generative action. This change model was not only limited to the talent management but it was also being used for INSA's organizational transformation. A quantum- leap talent development model that aims at making the talent self aware, self confident, self- leader, proactive, fast learner, creative, emotionally intelligent, think with cyber paradigm and technically proficient enough to design and execute novel methods

was designed. A holistic psychometrics based selection system was designed. A multi- disciplinary, complex dynamic curriculum that comprises of self identity development, fast- learning, creativity, emotional-intelligence, and leadership, cyber way of thinking, generic disruption process and technical capabilities was designed. A learning mechanism that is based on integrative paradigm and that enables creating new knowledge was incorporated in the curriculum. Contents for the different area such as self- identity development, learning enhancement, creativity, emotional intelligence, leadership, programming, cyber security, cyber disruption, cyber warfare, intelligence analysis, code breaking, signal and protocol analysis.......was developed with regards to objective of testing the concepts and gaining practical experience of executing talent program, enough experience is gained.

Therefore, this program is an extremely successful program. It is a program that manifests the peak of excellence of INSA's leadership and experts. The output of the program is even beyond the talent programs of Israel.

This program is highly appreciated by the Israeli an expert and they are recommending to their government to upgrade their talent by using the model and curriculum of our program.

3. Accusation


The accusation against Biniam Tewolde related to this program is that 'Biniam made 100% payment to the company when the company did not finish its task'. In this program, Biniam played critical role such as strategic leadership, architecting the program, creating thinking to come up with optimum models and inspiring the human. But Biniam did not sign any letter that causes payment to the company (if any). It is without finding any letter by Biniam that causes payment to the company, Biniam is imprisoned for one- month. With regards to this program, Biniam deserve national award, not Accusation and prison.


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