The Colition for Mutual Destruction

By Ahadu Amlak

Dec. 28 2007

The Colition for Mutual DestructionWeek after week, month after month, year after year we are embracing ourselves to the drama of Kinijit like the critically acclaimed, award winning American television drama series “The sopranos”, without season finale in sight. The drama series includes Kinijit as Menfes, Kinijit as democrat, Kinijit as uniter, kinijit as tolerant, Kinijit as dysfunctional, Hailu Shawl as Mandela and Birhanu Nega as Kejela e.t.c.Unlike in sopranos where the scenes were filmed on locations in New Jersey and New York the Kinijit drama series is transcontinental from Africa to Australia, Europe and America. Currently the set is filming the next Episode in the city where low budget actors and supporting casts are in abundance, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. The leading characters are also filming simultaneously in pal talk rooms, hotel lobbies and hospital beds in North America. The Kinijit “sopranos” has its own Tony soprano, James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, and Michael Imperoli.But the tragedy is this reality show involves the fate of 80 million Ethiopian people.

In a turn of events, the latest episode is dramatically transformed itself in to the one time famous board room reality show “The Apprentice, YOU ARE FIRED”. The Donald Trump wannabe shock the fans by firing all the five finalists leaving spectators in the dark as to who will throne for the dream Job. The town is filled with rumors, the King maker, may surprise his friends and foe alike by picking unsuspected one time critic of his majesty to lead the next show. The genius touch of the Ethiopian Diaspora is evident by its selection of background music for the show, ”ZERO LE ZERO”, a kind of traditional Ethiopian R&B song by Solomon Tekaleign, a onetime Veteran of the Diaspora movement by himself. Through centuries Ethiopian history is filled with little unknown guys turned heroes and legends like the famous Meyesaw Kassa and Alula Aba-nega. The latest in to that mix is a security guard turned actor, Abebe Wube, who has made a name for himself by holding against a dozen members of the opposite mob from breaking in to the Headquarters of the new King in town. Fans are holding their breath as to what may come in the next episode because of the deep fracture within the mob; which was plastered by band Aid to look united and strong while serving their time for previous offenses; is out in the open so much so the next battle is expected to be about the inheritance of fortune from the unruly dysfunctional family.

The popularity of Kinijit drama has sky rocketed in the last several weeks at a time when eight prime time shows including the hit ABC drama “Desperate house wives” are forced to halt production because of the Writers Guild of America strike. The Writers for the Kinijit show are in a unique position as they are not members of the labor union and continue to furnish the scripts for the show.

Encouraged by the mushrooming movie industry and the trickle effect and infusion of money to the local economy, the Government is expected to encourage the infant industry by Tax exempt for importing big items and providing lease free land for prospective investors interested in building film production companies….

The never ending drama of the dysfunctional “CUD” is continuing unabated, the leaders who were supposed to reign in and unite the different factions turned out to be a disaster. After all the “heroes” well come, town hall meetings, media blitz, photo op with powerful congressmen; Kinijit has proven to be a laughing stock and embarrassment not only to its gullible supporters but also for most Ethiopians who wish the infant democracy to grow. The “Intellectual Ideologue” of the party, Dr Birhanu Nega, finally told the world what we have been saying for some time; Kinijit is in state of paralysis so much so it doesn’t worth forfeiting his “research fellowship” for going back home; trying to salvage what is left and help re-build his party from pieces. What a tragedy? for a man who was entrusted to lead one of the rising African metropolis; head quarter of continental and global politics next to New York and Brussels; has reduced himself in to “ he said, she said” club of ugly Diaspora politics. I am concerned and worried about his mindset on his latest interview. He seems on slippery slope on how to continue what he call it “struggle” to the extent he was hesitant to spell out peaceful struggle; the only struggle proved to advance democratic process in any society. The bad news is four months of baptism in the water of Diaspora hate politics; and every day teachings of “how to hate your country” by the Diaspora Madrasa i.e. Ethiopian review and Ethiomedia, the chance of the good doctor comes up with sound political strategy is as remote as his chances of occupying the Minilik Palace.

It is ironic for a party that was preaching day in and day out not to recognize the government and other democratic institutions like the judiciary, parliament and election board is expecting the different fiefdoms within the party to respect party rules. If you cannot respect the rule of the land how do you expect them to respect the hastily baked party rules by the coalition. On my previous article before all this drama unfolded “THE AUTOPSY OF CUD”, I argued the best outcome for the coalition is constructive disengagement and retreat to their original parties and continue their struggle as they call it. But the main reason behind for sticking out together for mutual destruction: hoping the other side would blink and exit early leaving the famous “KINIJIT” name and logo to itself. But the reality on the ground is changing by the day; the drip drip effect on the credibility of Kinijit is taking its toll so much so the “V” sign now represents shame in the streets of Addis. As stands now it is difficult to predict whether the mother parties would even survive as the factions are going after each other, which is detrimental to the whole process of democratization. The most probable reason the good doctor is contemplating to stay in the west for good is not because of the expected pressure from the incumbent but he is smelling his political life is snagged in to a dead end .More over he may not survive the ugly onslaught from the hard core of the other side “AAPO”.

The rise and sudden collapse of Kinijit is a unique case in point to study by social scientist as to the contribution of the different ingredients to its demise. One thing most Ethiopians agree is the detrimental effect the radical Diaspora “DEIASPORADo” played in hijacking the people’s party and turned it upside down. The so called intellectuals i.e. the Muchies, Messayas, Getachew hailes, Al-mariams and Terfas, who are supposed to study the intricate and complex political tango in the country and give their vision to overhaul the whole political discourse, are part of the problem not the solution. The seemingly learned professors in the west are either no better than the average Lemma in the streets of Addis; or couldn’t think at cerebral level because of their pathological hate to the incumbent. Instead we were bombarded article after article about “what Mandela could have done that Hailu Shawl didn’t do….” it is just unmaking of a PHD.


The trail of money extending from Asmara to Washington DC through Moquadisho to finance the infamous anti-American and Anti-Ethiopian HR 2003 bill is unraveling. The unholy alliance of the forces that are pushing for this bill are well known to most Ethiopians but the western liberal media has been camouflaging it as human rights issue to get Ethiopia and the bush administration at the same time. I have never thought in my wildest dream two of the terrorist organizations, OLF and ONLF, who are comrades in arms with the new Al Qaeda franchise in East Africa, AL-Shebabe, would walk in the halls of congress freely. These are terrorist organizations fought against the allied Ethiopian and American Special Forces in south Somalia late last year. The main trouble maker in the region, Eritrea; a country the bush administration is considering to put on the list of state sponsor of terrorism; is the master mind behind the formation of unholy coalition between legitimate peaceful parties like CUD and terrorist organization like OLF and ONLF. It was a genius evil move by Eritrea to put CUD face for legitimacy of the coalition in front of the international community, but the hard core of the coalition is groups that are involved in many terrorist activities in the horn of Africa. Uncharacteristically, Jeffrey gettleman of the New York Times, one of the propagandist of state and non state terrorists in the horn of Africa, reported on Dec,3rd article “Giuliani’s Firm lobbied for Bill considered threat”, described some militant forces are involved in lobbying for the bill. This begs the question, is the Times found out about the militancy of these forces now, the answer is of course big No, but they are trying to get the republican presidential hopeful and Ex-mayor Giuliani. As the campaign attacks are getting uglier by the day; expect some bomb shells behind HR 2003 particularly if Giuliani regain his lead in the republican pack.Kinijit by aiding and abetting terrorist organizations and lobbying for HR 2003 has made itself a radioactive material at least for this election season, and for all practical purposed, HR 2003 is on life support waiting to be pronounced dead.

Jayson Blair Syndrome of the New York Times: The New York Times seems to forget for the shame it brought on itself when one of its reporter, Jayson Blair, was forced to resign in May 2003, after he was caught plagiarizing and fabricating elements of his stories. Jayson Blair; despite making several mistakes and high error rates in his articles, was awarded promotion after promotion before his final forced departure. Now déjà all over again with an inexperienced reporter, Jeffrey Gettleman, based in Nairobi is fabricating stories after stories for his articles from hotel Lobbies in Nairobi about the “Insurgency” in eastern Ethiopia. His sources for all his articles are members of ONLF, an Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization in east Africa financed and trained by Eritrea. The latest tortured lie by this very individual appeared on Dec 14th of the NY Times titled “In Rebel Region, Ethiopia turns to Civilian Patrols”, he continued on to say “The Ethiopian Government, one of America’s top allies in Africa, is forcing untrained civilians-including Doctors, teachers, office clerks and employees of development programs financed by the world bank and united nations-to fight rebels in the desolate Ogden region”. You don’t need to be an expert in the politics of the Horn of Africa to find out what appeared on the front page of a major newspaper is flat white lie. Ethiopia a country of 80 million people with unemployment rate of close to 20 percent in some urban areas; with hundreds of thousands of demobilized militatary men without a job will turn to professionals in short supply like Doctors, to conscript in to the military…….just doesn’t hold any water. The time has come for concerned Ethiopians to contact the management at the Times to save the paper from another shame and stop the wild and unsubstantiated allegations against Ethiopia. As to Jeffrey Gettleman, he is trying hard to join to the list of reporters the likes of Jason Blair, Ex-reporter for NY Times, Janet Cooke, formerly of the Washington Post, the New Republic’s Stephen Glass, the Boston Globe’s Patricia Smith, and Jay Forman in Slate as journalists who got caught embellishing, exaggerating, and outright lying in print.


The Gallant TPLF Fighters

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