Democracy and fairness should be applied to all members of society.

By Solomon

Feb. 09 2008

Response To Gezaee Hailemichael

Democracy and fairness should be applied to all members of society. Therefore, as a memember of society Meles also deserves freedom and justice from those who accuse him of been a despot. Now, I am not implying that Meles is a democrat, or a tyrant, what I am suggesting is that we should not convict Meles of all the crime that takes place in Ethiopia. Meles does not have time to evaluate the daily routine of all the institution of Ethiopia. Therefore, what I want to plead to you Gezaee and other Ethiopians is that when we see the system we have to work hard to solve that system. In my opinion shifting the blame on one individual will not bring solutions to the ills of many Ethiopian institutions.

I do not have one absolute answer how those ills can be corrected. However, I know for sure blamingMeles without weighing facts does not seem a wise choice. For example, Gezaee you posted an email or a letter of Melaku, but all the facts and accusations are coming from Melaku? How do you take sides without listening to the other part of the story? As they say there is two sides to every story. Therefore, immediately jumping on Melakuís side does not make sense. Itís good to first analyze both sides of the story. Then finally you can make a decision as to who made the mistake. However, when you quickly jump to Melakuís side, you are also practicing favoritism? Therefore, Gezaee I want to remind you for the need to practice what we preach.

Finally, I would like to advice all the participant of this great discourse of the uselessness of aggressive language when we try to make a point . In my opinion aggressive language can not provoke democracy. In fact aggressive language provokes confrontation. Therefore, my fellow county men and women itís important for us to learn to disagree in a very constructive manner. I believe this is the best way to build a solid democracy.



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