The Ethiopian Government must do something to the People it claims to represent

Gezaee Hailemichael

Nov. 13 2008

I am reading horror stories of Ethiopians ill treated in Arab Countries. I have seen my self in real life the same situation all over the world. We Ethiopians are at the bottom of our worst situation.

Our people are treated inhumanly and barbarically, especially in Arab countries. It is shocking to hear that about 150 Ethiopian domestic workers have died in less than a year only in Lebanon. All of these are young girls who have found their way out of home for better life and eventually end their lives miserably and return home dead and broken. This is happening everywhere for Ethiopian. I have witnessed myself in person Ethiopians killed by doctors after being hospitalized. I have come across three cases where Ethiopians got hospitalized and when they doctors knew the patients do not have anyone to look after them. They take steal blood, kidney, other organs from them and they eventually die. Then report they were sick. I have seen this happened to Ethiopians.

What is the government doing about this type of things? What is the point of having embassies which do nothing for citizens? Why the embassies or the government does not thing about this for all these years? The people in the government needs to show any heart to their people. The embassies need to give information to their people at home about the real situation in the Arab countries.

What are the opponents doing about this? Is the opposition’s concern only about who must be at the Menelick palace?

What about the so called Ethiopian presses? Where are the Ethiopian Journalists? Where are the Ethiopian writers? Must we forget our selves and our people by talking only about Meles all along?

Where are the so called Ethiopian scholars? What is the point of having all the woes about Meles if we are totally oblivious of our people.

Citizens must be protected by their government. A government that has no concern for its citizen is not a government. The embassies need to have legal unit which can deal with legal matters of whenever needed. The government still needs to open ears and eyes and see what is happening to the citizen it claims to represent and protect. I hear a lot of image building talk shows. How can we change our image while our people are debased and even thrown from multistory skyscrapers in Arab countries?

The opposition must use these type of government weaknesses to attack the governance of the regime in Ethiopia. Talking about election 2005 all days, months, years, will not do any help to our people. If they have anything to offer they must show it to their people in action, not in words.

For instance, the Ethiopian lady called Molla is personally doing her best to help its citizen. What support is the government providing to Molla? The government is responsible to make sure its citizens are living in acceptable situation. The government needs to organize the domestic workers in the Arab countries via the embassy so that the domestic workers can protect each other. What is the social worker at the embassy doing? There is no any resting place for the abused or there is no any other help, what is she then doing there? Actually the embassy workers are anonymous, they do not want to be even to be known. If they cannot even talk about their citizens honestly and transparently, what are they doing there? Are they sitting on the three chairs at the reception of the Ethiopian embassy in Beirut? Shame!

Ethiopians, come on, let us break out from the hard shell of fear and do favor to our country and our people. If we do not like Meles, we must not let down our people and ourselves.